What are You Thankful For?

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  1. I am thankful for my parents, my brother, my sister, my cat, my brother's cat. I recently discovered wearing suspenders, British people know them as "braces". They keep my pants up, it's easier on my back and digestion. It's my preferred way of keeping my pants up. I even wear them to bed, to help ward off the banditry down below. I had a lovely turkey, made mashed potatoes with some fresh water, had this green bean cassarole that was delicious. I am feeling grateful and have tryptophan coursing through my veins. The post turkey sedative gave me an opportunity to express what I'm a grateful for. Sharing this wonderful holiday with everyone all over the world.

    What is it you're thankful for this thanksgiving?
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  2. wicket

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    Wish I could answer kinda bummed out not having dinner here for Thanksgiving just me and poor Annie.


    Annie is still with me I rejoice!

    She won't be though for long without going to AA so for that I am grateful.

    If I don't check my drinking I ain't ever gonna make progress here but I am also grateful for a safe place to talk about my worst secrets.

    I guess I could go on now that I am more positive after saying the above.

    1) Father's real estate investments one day to be mine if I sober up and live to see that day
    2) Dudley and Jasper (carkie and black cat) bring much life to our home and keep Annie good company when I am at work
    3) Medicinal herbs to help heal the horrible loss of energy these people uploading toxic media are all too happy to tempt out of me

    Oh wait yes also parents' love or I might not be here.

    I should stop there I can taste the blackness in my soul and I need to do some serious legwork offline to get rid of that gotta run now.

    Why didn't I think of my sister and parents first like you?

    Too many toxic years growing up maybe?

    Hang on gotta be more positive before leaving too poor of a note here. Great thread idea and like your answer.

    Last thing for now I could find more to be grateful for once my attitude adjustment takes place under the guidance of a sober guy:

    my Dad is bringing us leftovers actually so we will eat after all he tries he tried his best I love him for that.
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  3. WildEntheology

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    Great post man. I'm grateful for the NoFap community and it's influence on my career choice. I'm incredibly happy on my path in life and I would have never come to this place if it wasn't for my experiences with NoFap.
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  4. FirefromAbove

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    I am grateful to be in good health and that I'm almost at the end of my college career.
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  5. Upwards2020

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    Roof over my head food in.my belly among other things I could be a lot worse off than I am
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  6. Yeah, that's some great things to be thankful for.
  7. Don'tLookBack

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    I'm thankful that I have been given another day yet again to try again.

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