What are your bad luck stories after relapsed?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by fishfoody, Oct 4, 2021.

  1. fishfoody

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    Have you ever got bad luck after relapsed? What are those? Please share your stories to encourage and remind us to stay on our commitment.
  2. fishfoody

    fishfoody Fapstronaut

    My bad luck events:
    1. after relapsed somehow people seem more annoyed when they feel my presence.
    2. I couldn't concentrate when working
    3. My brain didn't work normal. I couldn't understand what people said to me before I asked them to repeat themselves
    4. People attitude towards me seemed more hostile. Not hostile but it seems that they could sense what was wrong in me
  3. I couldn’t connect with my friends and they noticed. I’ve noticed things don’t go my way after I relapse. It’s weird.
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  4. SickSicko

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    All my inner demons start rampaging my mind wrecking emotional havok and suddenly I cannot operate like a regular human being any longer, my level of detachment with people skyrockets and a few times have managed to ruin relations with people I was starting to get along with.

    My arrogance vanishes though...
  5. 1. Porn-induced social anxiety. Feeling uncomfortable going to social settings because your undressing people in your mind.

    2. People respect you less when you masturbate. It’s much worse if your a guy.

    3. Women seem to be less friendly to you when you masturbate. Something I have noticed.

    4. Lack of focus. I have made a lot of accidents happen when I masturbate.

    5. Lack of energy. You deplete your biological energy through sheer force and will. Now, you are completely disinterested in the opposite sex. Which affects how you treat them.

    6. Lack of purpose. When I masturbate, I lose discipline. I don’t write down my goals for my life.
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  6. Urge Surfer

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    I fell victim to Sextortion only five days ago. They sent pictures of me not only to my wife but my daughters as well. Right now I have been thrown out of my home, I’ve lost everything!!!! 51 years old and completely broken and lost and so so ashamed. It’s not worth it.
  7. Mr.Tony

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    I just relapsed 2 days ago after a long 360 days...

    I never thought I'll do it! My goal throughout the year was to become a new person and to lrove to my lovel father ( God Rest his Soul ) that I'll be successful ... I had that goal to graduate! I did it and I majored with Honors! I was happy! I decided consciouslh to go relapse cause that's the only way to be haply happy in my world! There is no Relationship in an Islamic country, You want sex get married or go watch PMO and since getting married is expensive I went with the later!

    Don't follow me! I'm not someone to give advice at this point, as every life has it's own rules of success...

    I'll get back to a second year of NOFAP as soon as possible.

    A Man has to relief himself sometimes after achieving his goal isn't it ? Emptyness kills...
  8. When I relapse it will typically happen first thing in the morning. After that, any and all plans I had for the day fall apart because my mood takes a dive, and I'm an asshole the rest of the day.
  9. jcl1990

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    One time when I was 23, I relapsed and then rode my bike outside for a little bit and a dog started chasing after me. The dog was nice but kept on wanting to jump up on me and I couldn't get away from it. A couple people walked over and started petting the dog and started acting mean to me because they thought I was being mean to the dog when I was actually just stressed out and feeling weird because I just relapsed
  10. depeche69

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    People at work behave me like shit.
    Especially female Co-worker don't look at me nor greeting back.

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