What are your best memories from the 2000s?

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  1. My best memory was that people were a lot friendlier. You could do more things then than now. You didn't have to think about the consequences of every decision you made throughout the day. And you could say a lot more without being worried about really bad consequences like getting cancelled for saying something non PC. Movies were more wholesome. There was decency in music and fashion. Fashion was not about making outfits as revealing as possible like it is today. You could turn on MTV and hear Nickelback, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and they were actually singing and music was musical vs today where every song someone is mumbling over a trap beat and twerking in front of the camera.
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  2. DiegoSR

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    I'm turning 25, so i'm young, but I can say I miss the period of 2006-2007

    No social media, no high-fps-ultra-HD phone cameras (you could sing at the karaoke without finding your video somewhere the next day)... girls were less vulgar-dressed... I din't have the car during that time but her in Italy there were almost no autovelox ( = no risk of being fined for exceeding the speed limit of 5 km/h)

    And yes, people were friendlier, and there were less laws and more freedom. Now let's say you want to organize an event for charity (like in my case for the association i'm in) - you can't. There are so many clearances to get that you even stop trying it
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  3. onceaking

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    I suppose the good thing was that I earned more money back then and went out more. But I try not to dwell on the past and be present. The past is nothing but a memory and all we have right now is what is going on right now.
  4. TheLightOne

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    No social media bullshit
    Less living in the virtual world
    No chatting
    Things being hard to access
    Meeting people more often
    Not seing all stuff on the internet
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    Basically the internet went wrong
  5. FirefromAbove

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    The worlds I would create.
  6. Swift Escape

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    I was only a wee lad, but upon reflection, there was something about 2007. There's a youtuber I'm fond of- "Regular Car reviews" and he talked briefly about the concept of these "once-in-a-decade" years, where the culture and the times congeal just right to create an embarrassment of riches. He used 1994 as his example, but I think 2007 had a great deal going for it.

    Kanye West's Graduation

    Daft Punk's Alive tour

    Halo 3

    Megadeth's United Abominations

    Need for Speed: Prostreet

    Skulduggery Pleasant

    Custom Robo Arena

    Nissan GTR and Mitsubishi Evo X

    Lego's Bionicle Mahri Nui arc, Exo-Force, Tiny Turbos lines all on the shelves

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Michael Bay's Transformers

    iphone 1

    No More Heroes

    Team Fortress 2/ Orange Box

    Just all of these wonderful things in one year. Looking back, it would almost seem that we hit the apex.
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  7. My son being born and cutting the imbililical cord plus he urinated on my mother in-law best every memory
    Ever !
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  8. WalkingForward

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    In general I would say the music from the 2000s was awful, sometimes it can be fun to listen to some songs for nostalgia reasons but that music was awful really. There were lots of good music made before the 2000s and I like modern music also, like EDM, trap etc. After Avicii, pop music started becoming good again. But it was really awful in the 2000s, maybe it was because of MTV, music didn't have to be good, all that mattered was the softcore porn in the music videos...

    1. 1970s
    2. 1980s
    3. 1960s
    4. 2010s
    5. 2020s (I would prefer only listening to music made in the last 2 years over only the music made in the 1990s or 2000s)
    6. 1990s
    7. 2000s

    The Lord of the Ring movies though, they are amazing. And Madagascar.

    YouTube was very fun in the second half of the 2000s. That started becoming really destructive for me though...
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  9. Getting an Xbox 360 with GTA 4 in 2008 is my fave memory from that era. I was a teen with no internet access, and very blessed tro have not yet discovered porn.

    Oh how much fun I had with that game, and how amazing the graphics were, even on my standard definition 12 inch television.

    I was much easier to please as a teen, cos i grew up relatively poor. I just turned the game on after school and enjoyed myself, as a teen should.

    I crave that simplicity so, so much.
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  10. berylliumwages

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    In 2000 I got my first personal computer with an Internet connection at home. So as far as I'm concerned that's the year my life basically ended. But to be a little less cynical and to answer the question more directly, regardless of my own Internet-related shortcomings, I do think civilization could have carried on in the post-Internet but pre-social media years, especially before smartphones became appendages. But Internet access per se was definitely bad for me.
  11. Jrmz94

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    Playing super smash bros melee with my cousins. Good times
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  12. fredisthebes

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    I was young and life full of opportunity but i was too cowardly and self destructive to notice. Basically made friends with people that bullied me because being treated like that was all i knew, and spent my time trying to please them and moaning about it when i didnt work.
    Also putting no effort into finding a decent relationship but moaning that i wasnt in one.
    A great big selfish cycle of self inflicted misery.
    I also discovered a lot of great music, built up a still impressive record collection, learned a LOT about myself (the hard way), and - despite everything i wrote above - i escaped relatively unscathed.

    Having the internet on my computer and not in my povket definitely helped my addiction. Although i developed an addiction to phone chat lines instead, which shows what an idiot i was.

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