What are your biggest challenges with women?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by vibemaker, Jan 13, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm currently researching for a personal study.

    I would highly appreciate it, if you would answer the following questions.

    1. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to meeting other women (approaching & dating)?
    2. What are your biggest fears when it comes to approach a women you don't know? And what are your biggest fears when it comes to taking out a women you just met?
    3. If there would be a really good course about 'getting good with women' which problems would you really like to be solved by that course?
    4. Do you see your shyness with women as a huge barrier for your success and why?
    5. Do you think being an introvert is ruining your dating life?
    6. What do you think women like most in men?
    7. What do you think you need to change in yourself and your personality to get all the women you desire most?

    Thanks a lot & stay free.


  2. red gyarados

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    Getting my bf% low enough and taking good pics for my OLD profile.

    edit: also finances
  3. dogeatdog

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    1. The women who I'm interested wouldn't really go to typical places where you meet women (clubs and parties), so I just assume that almost all women at those places aren't my type.
    2. If a girl excessively drinks and loves getting drunk. Really quickly lose interest in people who drink super heavily. Additionally, if she's drunk she's more prone to do something really awful and will regret.
    3. How to tell if a woman is interested in you, easily the biggest setback in my opinion.
    4. I can text like the most confident man on earth but really rarely talk and start up a conversation with them in person, they usually have to do it first.
    5. It certainly hinders it but the women I'm really interested in will find a way to get past it.
    6. Their charisma / presence in a room.
    7. My confidence when it comes to approaching women in person, and how easily jealous I get. I could text a girl all night and we talk a little bit in the morning, but get really frustrated when she talks to a friend of mine really briefly and it shows when we text.
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  4. KOD19

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    1. The biggest challenge is personal anxiety and fear of rejection. I know the interaction won't be as bad as I think but I would really say ego gets in the way.
    2. I have to get out of my own way. I start thinking too much about the kind of person they are and finding excuses not to talk to them. Biggest fear is that it is super awkward.
    3. Approach anxiety and attracting women to come up to you first.
    4. No. I can attract women I'm not attracted to. If I wanted to, I could be successful with them.
    5. Hell yes
    6. Confidence
    7. I need to be less judgemental, get over myself/my ego, not take myself so seriously, and accept that there are plenty of women out there that I am attracted to and that women are attracted to me if I let them.
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