What are your goals?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. So what kind of goals do you guys have? Are you progressing through them? Feel free to share them :)

    - Complete university
    - Beat PMO Addiction
    - Limit drinking (I became an alcoholic this year)
    - Get my driver's licence
    - Get a new job
    - Quit seeing escorts/visiting brothels
    - Become athletic; Excellent strength, fitness, flexibility and coordination
    - Learn how to fight

    I was gonna add shit like 'get a girlfriend' and 'improve social skills', but I'm pretty sure they'd come with accomplishing these goals.
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  2. Cirilla

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    I'm incredibly, I mean INCREDIBLY goal oriented haha, so this is by extremely far not exhaustive, just a few samples, but ideally I would love to:
    1. 100% Breath Of The Wild
    2. 100% Abzû
    3. 100% Cyberpunk 2077
    4. Lose 20kgs without keto
    5. Weigh 50kgs and/or be muscled with defined abs
    6. Deadlift 100kgs and get for real, real, real into weightlifting
    7. Make 10000 bucks at least a year
    8. Have one of my fonts be used by a company I love and respect
    9. Live off my job as a freelance type designer
    10. Live in NYC
    11. Live in LA
    12. Get my driver's licence as well, but I'll have to beat my intense car phobia
    13. Drive a Lamborghini
    14. Reach 5k on my work Insta
    15. Start a YouTube channel
    16. Visit Japan with my mother
    17. Run a marathon
    18. Hike Yosemite
    19. See Ashnikko in concert
    20. Learn to actually eat like an adult and not a toddler
    21. Learn how to produce lofi music
    22. Pick up guitar again consistently
    23. Become an USA citizen
    24. Adopt a senior cat
    25. Attend an American football game
    26. Write a high fantasy novel
    27. Learn yoga consistently and become more flexible
    28. Become a mother
    29. Complete my desk setup
    30. Complete my flat
    31. Move to a nicer place
    32. Hire a personal trainer
    33. Stop smoking (quit cigarettes for now which is a MIRACLE but still vaping nicotine)
    34. Have sex
    35. Own a M1 MacBook Pro and learn how to create 3D calligraphy
    My goals for the month are to:
    1. Read the first tome of the Wheel of Time (1003 pages) by November 19th
    2. Work 20h on my current font
    3. Complete the Apple Activity challenge
    4. Complete 200 koroks on BOTW
    Already thinking about my 2022 goals; for now I have noted down, without necessarily doing them all:
    1. NoAlcohol for 6 months worth total
    2. 90 days reboot
    3. Reach 3k on insta (I'm at 2300)
    4. 100% the bugs, fish, and sea creatures in ACNH
    5. Be consistent with discovering yoga
    6. 10k steps a day for 2 months worth
    7. NoEatingLikeAToddler project
    8. Go LowCarb
    9. Run a half marathon
    10. Completely reorganise my already squeaky clean computer files
    11. Finish 5 solid projects without starting new ones
    12. Update resume, website and portfolio
    13. 100% Cyberpunk 2077; that's 866 items to complete in total to absolutely, thoroughly, finish everything the game has to offer
  3. silex_jedi

    silex_jedi Fapstronaut

    THAT's a really good question ! i have not kept tracks of my goals for a week so right now i'm messier than usual
    1. leave school with a purpose in life (with or without the degree YES it is my last year and i am on a good path to screw up).
    2. learn to drive a car for a drivers licence.
    3. record a new album with songs, where i sing.
    4. find a stable source of income so that i can live NOT in my parents' property.
    5. 100 days on my NoFap counter.
    6. have a daily routine of 30 minutes workout minimum (weights and/or running) -> i want to be the man that seduces my "inner woman" (there are some of us in my head).
    7. be reliable to my school partners.
    8. play a concert of my own music.
    that's it for the moment.
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  4. depeche69

    depeche69 Fapstronaut

    My goals:
    • Diet until 68 kg
    • Body fat 14%
    • 50k Euro at ETF until 2023
    • 365 days SR/NoPMO
    • Creating 3 Customizing campaign at Age of Empires 2
    • Writing a novel
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  5. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    Find peace and happines for me and for others around me. Build a house for me and fammily. Have my own job. Never relapse again. Help people and animals.

    Only way to do it is to strugle every day. Each day a time. Learning. And never take an easy path.
    And also biggest goal. To reach heven and help who I can to reach it as well. And hopping there will be my two pets who are not on this world anymore :(
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  6. JoeinMD

    JoeinMD Fapstronaut

    "AL" Goals:

    I'm 56 yo. When I was in my early 20s, I wrote out all my goals under the following 10 categories. Today, I have achieved all of them, except for my ideal weight (one line item under "physical") and just now have conquered my life-long vice of PMO (one line item under spiritual). While I have other spiritual goals, too, for the remainder of my life (as this is open-ended growth), I just need to conquer my weight goal in the next year. Then, I can die! Ha!

    I highly recommend the following goal categories for your life planning, where you may have as many goals as you'd like under each category as they apply to you. Other categories may suggest themselves. The items in parentheses are examples only - adjust or create your own specific line items as needed.

    Physical (weight, body care regimen, exercise, hygiene)
    Spiritual (spiritual/religious practice, spiritual growth, pursuit of virtues, meditation, prayer, quest for God)
    Relational (relationships, family, friends, self, world, forgiveness toward enemies)
    Educational (formal study, diplomas, higher degrees, certificates, job training)
    Intellectual (informal study, pursuits of knowledge, intellectual interests, reading/writing, mind skills, higher math/science pursuits, thinktank endeavors, linguistics, foreign languages, philosophy, theology)
    Occupational (job, career, trade)
    Vocational (life vocation, life responsibilities, altruistic endeavors, social works, hobby, writing a novel of any genre)
    Geographical (destinations to live, habitat preference, rural/urban, etc.)
    Industrial (inventions, creativity, starting a home side business, jack-of-all trade skills for personal use)
    Recreational (travel interests, sporting activities, hobbies, pets, horticulture, crafts, cooking, reading, music, astronomy, etc.)

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  7. Cirilla

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    Lmao this is so random compared to your other goals, but I love this so much. I played THOUSANDS of hours of AoE2 in my life, I love this series sm! how do you turn this on :p

    We all have beautiful goals on here, I pray they all get accomplished!
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  8. PatrickBasedman

    PatrickBasedman Fapstronaut

    My therapist actually asked me to try and figure this out, cause I am very aimless in life right now! I tried to narrow it down to single words. Currently have





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  9. Cirilla

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    Chiming in on things that are none of my business, but I think that's an amazing first step and a really great starting point, this for some reason makes me smile cause it looks like the beginning of something great. Personally, I found that the most concrete and pinpointed my goals are, the more I'm likely to complete them. Nothing beats a quantifiable goal to me. But that's just me of course. You could ask yourself so many questions, like, what makes me feel fulfilled? What satisfies me the most? So many questions, I feel excited for you! I've recently looked further into SMART goals as well and as stupid as it might sound, it's actually been super helpful. Maybe you'll get something out of it as well :)
  10. depeche69

    depeche69 Fapstronaut

    I'm also a big Fan of AoEII since the beginning.
    I have concrete ideas of the 3 scenarios:

    1. Sigurd I from Norway

    2. Eduard 1 (longshanks) at the middle east

    3. Alatar and Palando in the east lands of middle earth

    Glad to see also more AoE II Fans here :)
  11. PatrickBasedman

    PatrickBasedman Fapstronaut

    Thank you! I'm hoping to delve into all this further with my next appointment, which is pretty soon.
  12. Cirilla

    Cirilla Badass Mod
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    Sounds amazing tbh! To be fair, I played much more AoE3 than 2, but it was just the nature of what I had available. And the first, was probably my first video game ever, on my father's wreck of a computer. I love all 3 games equally! I also love how it makes history learning be gamified!

    Sorry for going offtopic haha
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  13. Witherd_rose

    Witherd_rose Fapstronaut

    Hi i am 25 jobless and recently i discovered i didn't have an aim, or goal in life and that's a big problem. So do.i need to find my goal nd how i find that.?
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  14. silex_jedi

    silex_jedi Fapstronaut

    have you found a goal ?
  15. Flyman66666

    Flyman66666 Fapstronaut

    Living happily with my parents
    1000+ days semen retention
    Lifelong nofap
    Good CGPA
    High profile job
    High Salary
    A brand new Audi car.
    A beautiful wife
    No bad addiction.
    A holy life
    peaceful death
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  16. PegasusKid

    PegasusKid Fapstronaut

    My current 3 month goals are
    • Finish the foundations section on the odin project(a website for learning web development).
    • Work my way up to doing a full workout 3 times a week, and then maintain that level of exercise. Placing an extra emphasis on incorporating compound lifts.
    • Work up to 20 minutes of meditation a day and then maintain that. This one has been the hardest so far as I don't take advantage of the few times I manage to get silence and privacy.
    I wrote down exactly how I'm gonna achieve these goals and what I need to have done on a weekly basis to remain on schedule to accomplish these things by the end of the year. I have other long reaching goals as well but I see those more as guiding stars than actual, concretely broken down goals like the ones written above. Those include cutting down to 1 soda a day, mastering good posture, keeping my goals to myself more(I'm okay with sharing it anonymously online as it helps me to write it out, this applies more so to people in my actual life),and a whole bunch of other ones that are a bit vague but give me a general direction.
  17. Sqezzer345

    Sqezzer345 New Fapstronaut

    The most important goal is to become independent
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  18. wicket

    wicket Fapstronaut

    Oh dear me I hope OP is staying off the bottle and out of brothels that will consume a man horribly I have to say.

    A man? A woman too. An X even. Hate to sound sexist apologies due. Escorts aren't the ones to ask about line of work satisfaction I take it regret seeing some years and years back.

    Also you admitted you are alcoholic not just like struggling with alcohol dependency or binge drinking behavior. Moderation might not work for you.

    Thank Golly there ain't no brothels allowed here but I rescued a lady from a NYC illicit unlicensed massage parlor a couple years ago met her online she lives with me now good amiga the greatest joy in my life.

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