What are your new years resolutions for 2018?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by AtomicTango, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. AtomicTango

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    As the year comes to a close, I wanted to start this thread to get a conversation going about whether any of you guys were going to make a new years resolution, what it is, and if not then if theres any reason why? We can also discuss and offer advice on each others plans for the new year, should be helpful for everyone. I'll get the ball rolling.

    My resolution is split into two halves, one for the first half of the year and the second for the second half. Starting on the 17th January I go back to university for my final semester ever, including the spring break its around 16-18 weeks long, with only 2 hours of lessons a week. The workload is relatively small compared to semesters past but I'm still constrained somewhat by it, so my plan is to have productive and enjoyable goals to work towards alongside the work. I've struggled in the past with my work to leisure ratio and I intend to fix this in 2018. I dont personally enjoy my degree anymore so the work is boring and annoying, I want to give myself something to do to inspire me and give me the confidence I've lacked this past year. I'm not entirely sure what things to do just yet but I've got a few rough ideas;

    . Take back up creative writing. This is something I have wanted to do for years and I finally have a realistic chance to do it with all the free time I have. Its an outlet for creativity I used to put into my degree work before it stopped being fun for me in 2017.

    . Learn a new skill. This is a nebulous one but that isn't a bad thing, I feel like I stagnated a bit this year so I want to learn at least one new skill in the first half of the year, but ideally more than one. At the minute I kind of fancy learning how to cook, not necessarily to an extremely high standard, just well enough to not have to live off the same rotation of basic meals all the time. Any suggestions for this section would be appreciated.

    . Start to take my mental well being more seriously. In 2017 I started to slowly realise that I'm not as mentally stable as I believed I was. I put a lot of my depressive episodes down to PMO but at the same time I dont make it easier on myself when my actions and words put me in situations where I get extremely stressed or depressed. I have already started slowly cutting toxic people and situations out of my life, in 2018 I want to continue doing this while also redirecting my time, effort, and energy towards things that are worthwhile. Another part of this is to continue my meditation and self-reflection strategies to keep my emotions in check.

    . Be more open to doing things while still acknowledging I'm an introvert who values solitude. In 2017 I tried to be more open to new experiences and it only kinda worked. I ended up doing a lot of things that just ended up wasting my time and demoralized me. In 2018 I need to stay true to myself and be open to new things while also being more selective about what I do with my time.

    In the second half of the year I will have finished university, gotten my degree, and I dont want to start work right away. My plans for the second half of the year are less set in stone but I do want to do some travelling and continue broadening my horizons as opposed to just spending all the time lounging around doing nothing much like I do every other summer. Any suggestions here would also be appreciated.

    Well thats it, my new years resolutions for 2018. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on what I've written, as well as what your resolutions are for the next year!
  2. A41:14A

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    • 2018: make $5 million :)
  3. My resolution is to never pmo again. It’s obvious I know, but I’ve never actually made a New Years resolution before.
    Another resolution is to finally move out of my parents’ house and gain the freedom I need. Another resolution is to pay off my student debt that I’ve been avoiding for 4 years. It’s not much compared to most people, but I have to face it and take care of it. My main resolution is to stop running from problems and face them head on. It’s the only way my life will improve.
  4. AtomicTango

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    I've spent all my adult life trying to deflect problems away from me as opposed to tackling them, so I can definitely relate. In 2018 I hope we can both achieve our goals!
  5. AtomicTango

    AtomicTango Fapstronaut

    I think we all wish that all the time haha.
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  6. I think you should meditate if you don’t already, it seems like it can help all your New Years resolution.

    My New Years resolution is nofap and do well at my job, read and write more, stop being so lazy (hopefully nofap will give me energy for this one)
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  7. Born_For_War

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    Aha! The second half of 2018 will be utilised to achieve my Diploma of Information Technology! My family will visit Christmas 2018, so I will be staying put in this place for at least another year.

    Until then, just, well: grow my business, get more clients, make more $$$ (five mill would be nice, eh), and keep using amphetamines and listening to extreme genres of heavy metal! Oops, slip o' the tongue, I shouldn't post s*** like that... :p But isn't it wonderful to think that I can run a business and combine business with pleasure, as all great bosses do?!
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  8. AtomicTango

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    Yeah I already do, albeit not as often as I would like to, sometimes I just cant find the time.
  9. I hear ya man. Do whatever you can though, 10 minutes can even be beneficial
  10. Goggles

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    I know this is pretty vague but try and make up for as much lost time as I can, a year won't be enough but a lot can still be done and I believe I can become a whole new me by the end of 2018 if everything goes according to plan.
  11. Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named.

    I have no interest in perpetuating pagan rites. Christianity didn't become tainted with it until 1740 when John Wesley (the founder of Methodism), created the covenant renewal service.
  12. Troels. L

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    My resolution would be actually making it to 90 days. i'm 15 % closer now at the twentieth day mark
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  13. AtomicTango

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    Yeah its as good a plan as any. While I didn't think 2017 was a bad year per se, it still left a lot to be desired. I'm trying to make sure I make more consistent progress in 2018.
  14. AtomicTango

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    Yeah thats something I should have written as well, I've gotten so close on a few occasions but have always messed up. While I'm now of the opinion getting to 90 wont magically fix me it would me a fantastic morale boost.
  15. malwarebytes

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    my resolution is to cut out porn and masturbation from my life forever. to only have sex with a woman, the way it should be. the rest will come in time, i´m sure.
  16. Born_For_War

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    I won't be heading back to the Access World Forums at access-programmers.co.uk. That is a definite resolution. It is very much a place that has stagnated and has clearly gone downhill over the past few years, to say the least. I can name at least two far better forums dedicated exclusively or specifically to MS Access development.
  17. AtomicTango

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    Its a great place to start, I have a feeling the streak I'm on at the minute is the one, I cant explain why, I just feel like I'm making a lot of progress.
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  18. malwarebytes

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    thats great to hear yes. you seem to have a reason to stop it. like me, i don´t want to loose my girlfriend.

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