What are your sex urges like?

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  1. Captain Rex reporting. Whenever I get sex urges, even though I don't desire porn in any way, my mind gets flooded with porn thoughts. Is this normal? I'm wondering what it's like for other people when they have urges? Captain Rex out.
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  2. A porn addicts mind is programmed by porn, so anything sexually related that comes up and the mind would use porn as a reference because it brought the greatest dopamine rush. I would imagine that most here have porn minds, and undergoing such urges would not be natural, so they either don't remember or they don't know what their natural sex urge is like yet. The pornified mind would use what it considers as the greatest drug to get off, even though porn is not at all how sex is done in reality. This is usually a subconscious motive unless the process is "caught" consciously. Therefore, it is a continuous process of the conscious showing the subconscious why the so-called porn superdrug is actually not very rewarding.

    Since my mind is still in a pornified state, it is not operating by its natural urges. However, from past experience when the mind was in a more natural state, I know that such urges do not call upon the mind for "clarity," and instead the heart follows the moment because sex is an expression of love for another. It is not a mental concept (save for imagination for masturbation), but something that is felt instead.
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    Yeah, that's very normal. It happens to me at random. I could be reading my Bible and out of nowhere, lust attacks me. I used to be a pornography addict and those memories of what I saw are very strong. I try to focus my mind on something else; something that's inspiring.
  4. The question is though, what would a natural sex urge feels like? I wonder what an urge would look like if some lucky fucker never watched porn in their life? Would their mind still be flooded with sexual thoughts, but not with porn thoughts? Who knows?
  5. In that case, it probably depends on how the person was raised and their knowledge of sexual matters up until that point. But, I would imagine the reaction would not be nearly as strong as it is to porn and easier to control. The thoughts would be based on the loved one in question, and not using thoughts from porn to get off.
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    The desire for sex is the desire for another person. What porn effectively does is separate the body from the person... it is a kind of bestiality in this respect. Ideally, the imagination would be alive and well in the non-pornified mind to the extent that sex is an expression of love between embodied spirits. This is hard for us to envisage today as we live in such a materialistic world.... a world that made porn on demand possible in the first place.
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  9. Exactly. Well said Buzz, well said.
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  10. Mmm.
    Urges or desires feel like, hmmm, not easy to describe.
    Think there's a difference between the desires and the pictures they provoce. These pictures are strongly dependent on your personal history.
    But what do the desires feel like for me?
    They are strong bodily feelings all over the body but concentrating around the penis, like a hunger for being touched.

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