What are your sources of excitement ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by angelpart, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. angelpart

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    I've been struggling with finding sources of pleasure and excitement for most of my life. There are three exceptions to this :
    • P, especially after abstaining for a while.
    • going to the gym, because I feel I'm doing something constructive and good for myself.
    • having a crush on someone. When this happens everything changes, something clicks, I get super excited and I don't even want to look at P, I'm just obsessed with my crush and nothing else matters. It's like my life finally makes sense.

    I try to engage in different hobbies, I can play the guitar, read books, play board/video games, and so on, but I always feel like I'm forcing myself to do these things. I almost never feel excited.

    I'm curious, what are your sources of excitement ? What makes you feel like you're not wasting your time ? What gets your heart pumping and your mind racing ?
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  2. CodeTalker

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    Gaming and especially mmorpg (total waste of time). It is another form of addiction. It’s hard to stop because you make friends on those too.
    That’s the only thing that can get me excited. That and a new Tarantino movie.
  3. Riot02

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    U don't feel excited bcoz first it depends what day ur on. U c when I was on day 7, I felt more interested to do things before I got addicted to porn. I usually work out more, train for sports more, read comics etc. Whatever day ur on it doesn't matter as long if u keep going but will be more excited to do things.
  4. the only things that got me truly truly excited these past two years was my semestre abroad in canada and the witcher on netflix. so a tv show and a life altering experience.
  5. tiredofbeingtired

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    For me it's when I think that someone is interested in me back but I totally know what you mean about it "clicking." It's like the Rat Park story. "The opposite of Addiction is Connection."

    When I feel hope for the future, forgetting about PMO is the easiest thing in the world. But when I have trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel it feels like the single most impossible task.
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  6. fighting men 2.O

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  7. fighting men 2.O

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    Play games with my friends,gym, motivational and detective movies, reading about continence and it's benefits

    First thing I do in morning after my mediation is to make daily schedule planner for whole day in which I write down all activities related to 3 aspects of our life (spiritual/material/physical) some activities are like time to eat drink water,academic studies, exercise everything is there which make me feel like I am doing something good on daily without wasting much time

    If can do small things write which are there in my schedule planner on daily basis then day will come I will achieve something big for sure
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  8. The Real JokeErr

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    Gym, eating healthy, cooking and meditation. I am practicing semen retention, so not giving any attention to ladies.
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