What are your top three tips? Please contribute!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Bombadil, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Bombadil

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    OK. As the thread name suggests, if you were giving advice to someone just starting on this journey, what would you tell them? You're allowed three points...
  2. Rising_Sun

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    - Focus on what you can do to better yourself outside of sex/relationships
    - Workout daily, whether that means going for a run, hike, lifting, playing sports, etc.
    - Listen to, or watch, something that makes you laugh and distracts you whenever your mind is preoccupied with porn or sexual imagery (Seinfeld always does the trick for me...)
  3. fg4795

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    1) add something to nofap to make it meaningful in your life(like I'll study harder I'll work harder I'll meditate it's up to you what) it'll help to avoid that boredom hole in which you'll think I'm alone I've urges so why not
    2) write down your goal and make them visible.. every time I enter in my room.. There's my photo.. When I was good in playing football and I was a normal guy let's say.. Under this photo only few words "remember who you were, earn who'll you be"
    3) don't be afraid of seeking help.. Many thinks oh my problem it's stupid nobody has it better not ask it.. Do whatever helps you.. Start a journal here and write down everything.. Watch motivational video everyday.. Go to church if you're religious.. I mean we all have struggle.. We can help each other defeating it
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  4. Tao Jones

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    1 - Do whatever it takes to eliminate your sources of P and P-subs completely. P is the poison, and cutting it out 100% is essential.
    2 - Develop a network of APs and check in with them every day. Commit to being completely honest with these individuals.
    3 - Learn to control your thoughts. The behavior of PMO starts in the mind, and it is there we must fight and win the battle. Change how you think, and you will change your behavior in time.
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  5. Bombadil

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    For what it's worth, mine would probably be:

    Go outside more: get some natural light and exercise - natural endorphins are awesome
    Find a hobby: they say that the devil finds work for idle hands. It's easier not to think about porn if you're absorbed in something else.
    Make some friends: loneliness can be a massive trigger. If you're stuck, find a club that caters to your hobby, or go to church*

    *(or your local equivalent)
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  6. These are also reminders for myself:
    1. Don't isolate yourself. Have alone time, have a good time with good healthy relationships.
    2. Distinguish abstinence and recovery. Abstinence from pmo doesn't mean you're already recovering from pmo. Change your life and pour out all the needed time, effort and energy to recovery.
    3. Establish a solid foundation for your recovery. Everytime you see this foundation, you pull out your motivation because you're standing up for something.
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  7. FeelTheThunder

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    - If you are ready to conquer your goals, nofap is eaz af.
    - i know alot say workout bla bla but imma keep it simple. Hate yo body? workout. hate yo scores? study. hate both? learn to prioritize which to do considering the time of exams and stuff.
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  8. Naranja Mecánica

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    1. Live as healthy of a life as possible. This means staying between an 8 to 15% body fat percentage, having some decent muscle mass, just being in good physical condition in general and working out at least 3 days a week. Also eating healthy, sleeping early and waking up early (10PM to 6AM works great for me). Etc..
    2. Keep focused. Keep a journal, take your objectives seriously. Remind yourself every morning about your goals and commitments and before you go to sleep, reflect on what you did right or wrong during the day. Be productive, stop thinking about instant gratification and start dreaming about your future.
    3. Don't do it alone. You will need as much help as you can get. Have Accountability Partners here on the site but also in person. Someone who is caring and understanding but also someone who will push you to be better and not take any of your s**t. Participate in groups. Pray. Get all the help possible, everything at the same time.
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  9. uiop2

    uiop2 Fapstronaut

    1 Spend as much time as possible on the outside distracting and involving yourself in productive activities that you like. Don't just sit in front of your pc alone reading bullshits cause that's not the real life.
    2 Lots of phisical activity, setting goals on the short run that you can accomplish, good sleep at night and satisfy your hunger with healthy food that you like when you feel like eating. Go for a walk for example and disconnect yourself from the rest of the world when you can, breathe and look around. Talk to people, it's important.
    3 Don't focus on the long run or you will fail. One day at a time. Do the best that you can since perfection doesn't exist don't stress too much over it, do something new everyday (it doesn't have to be something big) and if you feel the urge to relapse i found it useful to drink a lot of water during the day and peeing so basically when you are about to relapse tell yourself "ok but i'm gonna pee first" and see if it helps. And after that maybe go for a run and get tired.
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