What book are you reading?

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  1. Atticus

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    Jehovah's witness people used to knock on everyone's doors before. Then the pandemic started and they all vanished, now they don't bother coming into buildings anymore, lol.
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  2. En?gma

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    We have some old phone cabins converted in book cabins and i find a lot of their things.
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  3. Atticus

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    Brought two more books....because I'm awaiting the end of the world or something.

    The Ways of the Lonely Ones: A Collection of Mystical Allegories, by Manly P. Hall and The Life of Milarepa: A New Translation from the Tibetan, by Heruka.

    Two more to add on that huge backlog...
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  4. Hero25

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    Ordo amoris, Max Scheler
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  5. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius :rolleyes:
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  6. AtomicTango

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    The books are very accessible, with likeable characters, humour, and lots of action scenes and violence. The worldbuilding and lore is lacking but the storylines are very good and it's rewarding seeing how everything fits together.
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  7. AtomicTango

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    Started reading Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) and read the first couple of stories in it. The very first was the infamous "Guts" and it's way too potentially triggering to describe here but if you know, you know lmfao.
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  8. Hard gainer

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    Previous reason: Sapiens
    Currently reading: The God delusion
    Next book: Origin of species
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  9. AtomicTango

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    I have all the books but only my mum has read them. May sound weird because I'm such a nerd but any book series longer than 3-4 (where they are all connected, not something like First Law where it's a trilogy and standalones) puts me off by default because I cannot envision a situation where that many books was needed to tell the plot at hand. I mean, LOTR is one 1000 page book they split into 3 for logistical reasons, if Tolkien can tell that story in that amount of pages then why does Jordan need ten times that? It also puts the story at risk of never being finished. I genuinely dont think ASOIF will ever be done and Robert Jordan died of cancer before he finished Wheel of Time, so another writer had to step in to get it done.

    Tying everything together is a crucial part of what makes stories like this work. You can have vast worlds and D E E P L O R E but if it doesnt tie together then you are just being self-indulgent. I respect Joe Abercrombie because he gets in, does what he needs to do, and leaves. He doesnt waste your time too much.
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  10. En?gma

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    I'm not Darwinist-Evolutionist but i think Stepen Jay Gould is the only one of them that i can read and a bit Darwin.
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  11. Melkhiresa

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    an excerpt from one of our favorite series :
    “But now Penny seemed to be out of steam. She slumped a little and looked at him. Their eyes met and he burned hatred at her. But it had no effect. Caine knew she was insane. He’d known all along that she was a psycho, but psychos could be useful.
    But this wasn’t as simple as Drake’s evil ruthlessness. This was madness. He was looking at eyes that were no longer partaking of reality.
    He had helped to drive her mad.
    And now all her rage, all her jealousy, all the hate that Caine had used for his own purposes was being turned against him.
    He was a powerless toy in the hands of a lunatic with the power to make him as crazy as she was herself.
    The FAYZ, Caine thought dully. I always knew it would end in madness or death.”

    Excerpt From: Grant, Michael. “Gone Series .”
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  12. {Ananta}

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    My Journal
    im reading first book of dune series
  13. Hard gainer

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    Will give it a try mate
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  14. Intonator

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    Currently reading: True History of the Kelly Gang
    Next in line: Wolf Hall

    Currently reading: The Power of Habit
  15. I still read about 2 chapters of the Bible every day.

    But, at night I read 5 pgs of whatever book.

    It's not much but I can sustain that habit.

    It's better than skipping days or weeks without pleasure reading,

    then trying to do a marathon session.

    Anyway, I'm reading Factotum again, by Bukowski.

    If anybody ever desires to write, you have to read good prose.

    So that's what made me a good writer.

    I've read 17 Bukowski books, 5 of them about 4-6 times through.

    And a lot of Knut Hamsun, William S. Burroughs, Fante.

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