What books do you read?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by 888Konichiva888, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Hey, guys, how it's going?
    I found that the books helps me better thinking about myself. It gives you a motivation to do a new things you never did before. I love reading books. When you're reading you feeling like you in a new world created by your own thoughts.

    And so, what kind of books do you prefer to read, what's your favorite?
    Are you reading every day?
    And are you listening audio books?

    Thanks for the answer, and hope you will
    make your life better by reading.
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  3. I've read pretty much every book written by Robert Greene, I suggest start with 48 Laws of Power.
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  5. 888Konichiva888

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    Thank you guys for the answers!
    I think the books can change our lives if we be able to take the advices in book and make our live more better
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  6. Jonny1992

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    Getting things done, from David Allen
  7. 888Konichiva888

    888Konichiva888 Fapstronaut

    Thanks man I already bought it. I think I will read this one as soon as possible.
  8. 007malone

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    What everybody is saying - joe Navarro (about body language)
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  9. fredisthebes

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    I have at least 2 books going at any one time. Usually one fiction one non-fiction/self-help. Studies have shown that regular fiction reading can help with empathy/emotional intelligence - as well as improving the important ability to be able to tell stories, which can help you relating to others and understand your own personal narrative.
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  10. vulture175

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    You made my day. I hope reading fiction regularly can help my depression
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  11. I think it can, it has helped me. Part of depression comes from feeling disconnected from others. Reading good fiction helps you understand you're not alone, that other people have problems too, that life is sometimes difficult for everyone. These challenges come in different ways, but we all have them. When we open ourselves to other human perspectives and experiences, we can also realize that people can change, lives can change, things can get better.
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  12. vulture175

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    Thank you , that already gave me hope. I have "The God Father" on my bookshelf, should i start with this book?
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  13. Read whatever you want. There's no mandatory reading list that you have to follow in a given order. Assuming you mean Mario Puzo's Godfather, you might enjoy yourself reading it. It's a well written story, dark and realistic. If you've seen the movies I+II then there's no surprises awaiting you since they cover the events in the book faithfully. If you haven't seen them I'd say watch them first. This is one of the cases when the film version is better. The book is excellent but the two movies are one of the best if not the best motion pictures ever made. Or so people say.

  14. Gaius here already beat me to the correct answer. :)

    I like to look at reading as an adventure. Where might it take you? Somewhere in the past? (historical fiction), somewhere in the future? (sci-fi), somewhere in another dimension? (fantasy), somewhere into someone's daily life that is different from your own? (literary fiction), etc. Follow where your heart leads you and see what clicks. That discovery is part of the joy.

    I do have one rule with reading nowadays though - no matter how much praise a book has gotten, even for instance if it's considered a "classic", if I'm not into it by the first fifty pages or so, I ruthlessly dump it and move on to something else. Too many great books out there to force yourself through something that doesn't resonate with you.
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  15. Angus McGyver

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    I love reading books too, especially self-help books, personal-development, biographies and other personal stories from or of people who raised themselves above the masses in some way. Despite my fondness for books, I still wasn't too satisfied with last year when it comes to my book-reading as I slacked too much on the reading part and only got through 17-18 books through the entire year when I easily could have reached 30 or more.
    Hence, I set up the ambitious goal for this year to read at least one book/week which amounts to 50-52 books over a year and right now, I am actually on the track!!

    I am currently finishing one of the most useful books I have ever read. Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow rich" which is a must-read for every man who want to reach and reap success in almost every walk of life, especially when it comes to accumulating wealth while enjoying it during the time.
  16. Js5

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    The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a book I read a couple of years ago and I find myself going back to it again and again. It’s all about getting out of your mind and feeling whatever you have going on inside, surrendering, accepting the moment no matter what. It has been stunningly helpful in some of my streaks and my longest for sure (71 days).
  17. I agree with one of the guys saying that there is no set list to read.
    I tend to go for an autobiography (Christopher Hitchens for me right now), a factual book (Oxford Very Short Guide to Politics ATM), a self-help one (The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday), and a novel (SS-GB by Len Deighton. Hmm no Classics!).
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    My Journal
    im probably hundred pages in the first book for game of thrones, i probably ever just watched 5 minutes of an episode of the actual tv series when i saw there was dragons i was sold, i should read two books at once also maybe american gods
  19. Thundurus

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    Yo brother the cure to depression is writing.
    Write your own story and feelings and tadaa you are present and you feel like a new alpha male I can't really describe how much it helped me but please give it a shot.
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