What can I do with my ED?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by sepehr.business1, Jul 28, 2019.

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    Hi there;

    It’s about eight months since I quit masturbating and about one month since I quit watching porn. When I used to watch porn, I didn’t have any problem with having sex with my wife. However, since quitting porn, I have lost my sex drive! I’m suffering from this issue. What could I do to solve this problem, brothers?
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    It is a good thing that you stopped masturbation but that is not enoug. You also have ti cut off porn! Be on NO PMO for like 90 days and probably that should be enough, after 30 days you are gonna notice improvement!! That is normL thT you lost sex drive, probably you are in flatline and actually is a good sign even tho at first it looks scary. It menas that your brain is rewiring and getting back to balance! So no porn and no masturbation at all!! Stay away from triggers. Give your body some time to heal and you will be able to have sex with your wife 100%!
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    Difficult times huh?
    Congrats for your progress.
    How do you feel about S. With your wife?
    In the past did you fantasy on other while doing S.?
    As the images of P. Slowly fade away and Mrs Sam became the only attention of my S drives I started regaining interest into vanilla S. This cured my poor erections.

    Hope it works for you too

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