What characteristics should we look for in a potential wife?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by DaSaltyPancake, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. DaSaltyPancake

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    As a disclaimer, I am a Christian and, as a result, I condemn dating for the sake of dating. I believe that dating is essentially a test to see who would make a good partner for life.

    With this in mind, what characteristics should we look for in a wife besides physical appearance?
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  2. thinking_differently

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    Naah. You don’t ask others, You ask that question to yourself.
    ”How do I want my wife to be?”
    Also, remember Compromise is a necessary part of any relationship.
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  3. drac16

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    Someone that is honest, reliable, trustworthy, funny, compassionate, selfless. That's all I can think of right now. In a committed relationship, trust is everything.
  4. If she has a massive lego collection, she a keeper

  5. What qualities do you want for yourself? I know I would like to be virtuous, happy, patient, honest, humble, caring, decisive, trusting, humorous, forgiving, prudent, meek, temperate, chaste, empathetic, supportive, just, unafraid, adventurous and grateful. Those are the qualities I want to espouse in myself and it would be my hope that the woman I’m with would want to seek the same for herself.

    I desire all of this with the understanding and acceptance that these characteristics are achieved in a lifetime, and that I should never expect someone to be perfect when I am imperfect.
  6. The same characteristics that you can see inside yourself.
  7. fredisthebes

    fredisthebes Fapstronaut

    Someone who brings out the best in you (and vice versa).
  8. SoaringEagle

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    Someone you feel good with and perhaps this term is not well understood in English, but: "someone whom your heart feels comfortable with."
    And one whom you expect to be a good mother.
  9. Lilla_My

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    The wife of an active porn addict must be one thing above everything else: non existent.

    Once the habit is kicked, it could be beneficial to do a little soul searching. "What could I provide a potential wife?"
  10. StarRider

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    Despite condemning dating you still fell for "grocery list" or "checklist dating", which is only slightly less worse than "missionary dating", where people try to convert their date to their religion.

    Christian, Muslim or non-religious - you become the man you want to be, follow your calling and go on your mission - whatever it is - and a girl who wants to tag along finds her way into your life.
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  11. Oh no, not another one of these threads. I'm still having nightmares from the last one
  12. fredisthebes

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    Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you need to be perfect to attract a woman. Rather, strive to be the best version of yourself you can be. And you will find that you attract the person you deserve.

    A porn addict 'in recovery', regardless of how far along that road you are, is infinitely preferable to a porn addict 'in denial' (thousands, millions of men, and a fair few women too).
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  13. Speedo424

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    You can only answer that question yourself, so I agree with the others in this thread.

    As for what I prefer... I would like someone who takes care of themselves inside and outside, and someone who's very positive.
    I'm trying to do the same myself, and I think it is essential that you replicate the thing that you look for in your partner.
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  14. natural attraction is important. It's what starts the spark in relationship. Chemistry. Without chemistry, relationships cannot be started. No matter how beautiful that woman is, you need to be attracted to her.
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  15. ShadyPerson

    ShadyPerson Fapstronaut

    There's gotta be something to her that makes you feel like you can love her and want to be with her even when you feel like hating her.

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