What counter do you use? (App, Calendar, Visual Counter etc...)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by AdamTheJensen, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. AdamTheJensen

    AdamTheJensen Fapstronaut

    Does someone knows a good day-counter alternative....maybe something visible on echo show or something?
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  2. Calypsong

    Calypsong Fapstronaut

    Personally I use the app quitzilla. Clean UI and if you upgrade to premium you'll be able to access analytics and live widget counter.
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  3. wuxor

    wuxor Fapstronaut

    The best I recommend is a paper calendar, preferably a yearly one where you can see all months and days in one view. Attach it to a wall in your room, so you will absolutely have to see it everyday (except when on vacations and the likes). Mark each day without P with an X using whatever bold colored pen you like.

    The only problem is when a friend or family member ask why are not all days marked with an X. :p

    Otherwise I think it works great because:
    - It's right there in your room before you go to sleep, so you can't forget to mark it
    - It doesn't go away, it's up on your wall for a year keeping you accountable
    - The process of drawing an X is more engaged than tapping yes/no on a smartphone app
    - You can see you overall progress at a glance
  4. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    I dont invest on cryptocurrency
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  5. Calypsong

    Calypsong Fapstronaut

    Oh snap, funny how I actually did this once. Might give it a shot again.
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  6. WHMvsPMO

    WHMvsPMO Fapstronaut

    I'd be interested in something that tracks multiple variables. After all PMO is actually 3 things - while some people are in it for P only, or PM because they're in a relationship or don't want to rule out actual sex, regardless it's interesting to have distinct numbers. Not only that it may be interesting to have ratios, like out of all days in a period the P free streak is x% and M free is y% and so forth. Anyone know one like that?
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  7. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    I use I am Sober. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't keep track of how many times I've reset.
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  8. Right now I'm not using any counter, I just memorized the day I started. But I've always liked the old-school way of using a physical calendar that you can hang on the wall and use a big fat red sharpie to cross out the days you've put behind you (or tick them off). There's something very satisfying about that. Gives you this whole tactile experience too, plus the smell of the sharpie and the strong visual component. Much more rewarding than a digital / virtual counter that just sits there on a screen.

    Prior to that I also used a calendar to monitor how often a day / week / month I use PMO. Having an overview of that is very much in-your-face and lets you see very clearly that you have a problem. After all, they say "know your enemies". So it makes sense to assess how often you do it, the time of day, in what circumstances, after what kind of triggers, to avoid what kind of difficult emotions or thoughts, etc.
    Just something to keep in mind maybe, should you ever relapse and fully indulge again for a while.
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  9. I like that one. Haven't used it in a while though.
    I have been tracking my progress in the Interstellar Challenge in the events and challenges thread.
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