What day do we report in our journal?

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    For example, I relapsed 24 hours ago. Does day 1 count as the first 24 hours after relapsing or does this count as day 0? Does day 2 begin after 24 hours and end 48 hours after relapsing, or does it begin 48 hours after relapsing. I hope you understand this as it's quite confusing :p
  2. The way the counter works, the clock starts clicking the moment you reset. So 24 hours after your reset is 1 Day since you've PMO'd (24 hours clean and sober).

    I tend to view it a little less strict. The day I relapse or reset is Day 0. The very next day is Day 1 - my 1st clean and sober day. I struggled with the counter, which is why I had to reset it early the next day otherwise it won't update until the minute you reset it previously. For example, on Day 0, you PMO'd and then reset your counter at 1:00pm. To me, Day 1 starts at midnight since that is the 1st day I'm sober without PMO. However, the counter won't update to 1 day until 1:00pm.

    Hope this helps.
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    @zathura Yeah I see what you mean. That's why I think that if you have (I use the word 'have' strictly lol) to relapse the best time is in the morning as its a true indicator of when you last relapsed (new morning, new day on the counter). It's a debatable topic mind

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