What did you do for yourself today? (Treat yo'self thread).

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by SOSo, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. SOSo

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    We often talk about our "me time" in journals and otherwise, but I feel like we should have a concentrated effort to lay out what us SO's are doing for ourselves!

    We can bounce ideas off each other and inspire one another to take care of ourselves. :)

    Things I did for myself today:
    *Re-arranged the decorations in the house (feels like I'm in a new environment).
    *Cuddled my dogs.
    *Chores to keep the house fresh and tidy for mental well-being.
    *Face mask.
    *Organized my planning and resource schedule for the new school term coming (wake-up call that I'm back to taking care of too many children again in less than a week and a half).
    *Abstaining from drinking.
    *Danced to some music.

    What did you do for YOURSELF today? :)

    Inspiration in Parks and Recs:
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  2. ItsNeverTooLate

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    Always! And sing too!

    Worked mostly. :( Then played with KITTENS!!!:emoji_smile_cat::emoji_hugging::emoji_heart_eyes_cat:

    Day off tomorrow:

    Online Christmas shopping (people don't rob your front porch in August. What can I say!)
    Eat out for lunch

    And best of all....play with kittens AGAIN!!!:emoji_smile_cat::emoji_hugging::emoji_heart_eyes_cat:
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  3. SOSo

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    Today I:

    *Lazed about all day like a Greek goddess because it's raining outside on all the tourists. I didn't do a single thing I didn't want to do today. It was glorious.
    *Had a nice conversation with my Dad's girlfriend on the phone, we're getting mani-pedis at a salon and tea at the farmers market tomorrow.
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  4. Kenzi

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    I sewed my wedding dress.
    I've been putting it off.
    I cooked via crockpot. (which is lazy dinner)
    And I'm going after that ice cream in the freezer I've been saving for dessert!
    @Broken3... I Will catch up!
    I worked out today! :)
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  5. @Kenzi good job! Not that you need it but it'll make you feel good :)

    I jogged...

    Took an extra long shower (love that ME time!)...

    Cuddled with my toddler who isn't feeling well :(..

    Made memories with the fam..

    Ordered a super cute 50's vintage polka dot dress that I can't wait to try on...

    Didn't cook one meal or do any dishes in 5 days! Vacation mode!
  6. ItsNeverTooLate

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    Lol. I'm fortunate in this area. Can't cook worth :emoji_poop: and I can't help it the soap makes glasses and knives slip through my hands so SO does 95% of meals and 75% of dishes. :emoji_blush:

    But I make a great sous chef - I love organizing and measuring all the ingredients in the order he needs them.

    Things I did for myself today:

    Organize my desk at work
    Organize my foster kitten supplies and bedding
    Organize documents needed for our broker
    Organize pet's medication calendar for pet sitter
    Organize laundry to do tomorrow

    We're getting ready to leave on vacation next week. Getting ready is one of my favorite things to do. As you can tell, I love sorting things out. :emoji_nerd: I love thinking about what we will do and having the house clean and organized so there is nothing for us to do when we return.:emoji_relieved:

    Hope others are also enjoying their day!:emoji_hugging:❤️
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  7. SOSo

    SOSo Fapstronaut

    *Got out of the frikken house.
    *Got a mani-pedi.
    *Discussed details of couples night Saturday. Our friends are making a special curry for us.
    *Met with friend group in the beer garden. Saw friend off before her trip to Croatia.
    *Pet ALL the dogs in the park. One was named Hobo, had one blue eye and one brown. Kept pawing me for pets. Considered stealing him.
    *Went to the shop to re-stock our fridge.
    *Considering yoga and a walk.

    You ladies keep me going! <3 <3
  8. Yesterday:
    - therapy (very helpful w/ hub's suicide flashbacks) - I felt the overall calm/centered feeling afterwards (like after a yoga class or meditation)
    - met my 1-month-old great nephew and spent some good time with nice people (out of our home)
    - got chiropractic adjustment
    - got a library card and checked out two books so I don't keep buying more books (accumulate less)
    - trained the dog and played fetch whilst listening to him snort and snuffle running about with his ball in his mouth
    -joined a women 50+ group (positive thinkers, goal-settings, support, fun gatherings) - I just moved "back home" to this area and want to establish some new friendships

    -massage scheduled - maybe healthy lunch by myself later?
    -read some of my 'boundary-work' book
    -read some fiction
    - maybe a short bike ride or walk (but this depends on the state of my back pain and I shouldn't push it) - if not, fresh air outdoors
  9. SOSo

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    You're being so much more productive than I am today :D. Go girl!
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  10. Bel

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    I go tan and eat mint chip ice cream :)
  11. Kenzi

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    We ARE so best friends now.
  12. Yesterday/this morning:

    - Skipped workouts for cheat days..ate what I wanted...(pulled pork, a dinner roll, donut holes this morning and a little ice cream last night). And I don't regret a thing...

    - Jacuzzi bath all by myself before bed...very relaxing
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  13. Bel

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    You know this 50 likes for 12 hours thing is crap!! Likes for the above posts!! :emoji_thumbsup:
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  14. Kenzi

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    Awe, Bel

    Did you run out of likes? ;)
  15. Kenzi

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    Yesterday... I finished my wedding dress
  16. Kenzi

    Kenzi Fapstronaut

    Today... I'm working out to Richard Simmons (LOL) because I can! ;)
    And I am experimenting with dinner... Whether it's edible or not... The family is eating it... Ooh! Scary!
  17. @Kenzi going to a train museum in Scranton today ;)
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  18. Kenzi

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    Take pictures!!
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  19. I only slept 2(ish) hours last night, so I am taking care of myself by resting and reading. Hopefully I will be able to nap.
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  20. AllanTheCowboy

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    Did more work on the anniversary gift I'll love unlikely to give my wife in two weeks.

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