What do I do when I really want to masturbate?

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    Hi, when he has been without PMO for 17 days, I had an erotic thought and then a very great desire to see pornography. I tried to abstain but I could not and I fell. How can I avoid that? Thank you.
  2. Infrasapiens

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    I look in the mirror for a while without blinking. The urge go down really fast.
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  3. Hros

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    For urge control, I suggest: The 10-minute rule - whenever you have urges, instead of telling yourself "No.", tell yourself "Yes- but in 10 minutes." Then, before the time is up, remind yourself why you started rebooting in the first place, how much better your life will be if you don't break, what you'll gain, etc.
    For thought control, I suggest: The 5-seconds rule - whenever you have PMO-related thoughts, you have up to 5 seconds to think of something else. In time, you can lower this to 3 or 2 seconds.
  4. I see the urges as a build-up of "sexual energy" for lack of a better word. This energy is being wasted on porn and masturbation, which can cause depression and lack of motivation. Any time you get "horny" you just need to force yourself up and go accomplish something productive. When you realize you're having sexual thoughts, give your head a shake and tell yourself, "you're starting to relapse." Holding a cloth with almost freezing cold water in it next to my junk seems to really help as well. I do this alot before bed now.
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    Try to do a cold shower man, it feels differently afterwards. Or if you can do push ups or just anything that can take your attention off porn. Just always try to remember why you have started the journey. Anxiety, extreme horniness and depression are all part of withdrawal symptoms from porn, it would pass even if sometimes it feels like forever.
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  6. Hank Pym

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    Here's how you relapse: lustful thought pops up > you let it linger > you lust more and more ( here's where you've already lost the struggle) > next thing you know you're on the internet looking up just some sexy facebook or instagrampictures, that's completely innocent,no problem > then it's pics of a sexy naked chick > then it's like ah well a few seconds of a sexy movie won't hurt > you know the rest from here on.

    First you need to realise if you are edging (watching anything erotic without M is also edging). If you have edge, finishing off last time is the best thing...because this is only way to get out of big lustfull thaughts. Coz fapping in few minutes is better than edging for hours or days.

    Next step:-drop the nofap term and carry on nolust term.
    100% guaranteed no relapse: lustful thought pops up > you say no thanks, dismiss it within a splitsecond and go think aboutsomething else or play a song in your head or just simply resume and concentrate on the (non-lustrelated) activity you were engaged in. Bam that's it. It is just that simple snaps fingers. Just say NO THANKS whenever lust kicks on. Keep doing this for a long time (i believe a month is the time it takes to establish a new habit) and it will become a normal and automatic thing, a habit. This is why a lot of people who are several months into their challenge are still having problems, it's because they are still fighting urges like they have been doing from day one, spending so much time and effort doing just that, it would drive me insane. Your problem is still consuming you. You are still lusting. You have to stop lusting and you have train yourself and your mind to dismiss sexual thoughts AS SOONAS THEY ARISE.
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  7. IGY

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    Agreed. That's the method I use. I put the key phrase in bold. We must react instantaneously. Don't allow lust to fester.
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  8. MarinoBigFan1984

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  9. For porn,try to be disconnected from internet...
    For M,dont touch your thing at any cost...Think something else..Hope works
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  10. cptsumit

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    go to public place and sit near your family
  11. ImpureHuman

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    Go somewhere outside.. think about the urges, triggers , introspect yourself..

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