What do you anticipate when you think "sex"?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by ultrafabber, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. ultrafabber

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    For me, i realized i do not anticipate a woman or a woman's body parts at all, i anticipate my own penis. For example, the only thing i associate sex with is "hard dick" or penis contractions or feeling penis with my hand.

    It is like my head completely ignores the outside world, even when having real sex. Real sex felt like masturbation really, like masturbation with an object.
  2. Black ∆ Fang

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    *Warning-* *Might* *Trigger* *you*

    For me it's, kissing, then passionately making out, all hot and sweaty(I like that alot) then eating her out till she begs me to end her (not killing, mind you) and after a hot passionate sex, lying side by side to each other as she slips into my hands and we talk, cuddle, laugh, enjoying the intimacy till we fall asleep.

    I'm a Virgin but still can think at lengths, considering this.

    The problem is I have a great imagination power( I'm not bragging, but I do have it)

    Plus with being on nofap, I feel super horny at times and I would be visualising about my future gf and I doing exactly the same thing in sequential order. Or at times when I see an attractive girl, then I'll have to shook myself to stop thinking that.

    Even as I type this I'm getting hard:D
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  3. Peiskos

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    The act of love with someone you love, it feeling amazing both physically and emotionally.

    When you’re truly rebooted and able to have sex free from PIED that’s what will come to mind. Not any anxiety or worrying about getting or staying hard because you know it will.

    It’s what I feel when I’m with my girlfriend.

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