What do you do for fun, how to stay motivated for career goals

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by selfdeveloper092, Apr 13, 2019.

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    So since im on NoFap, I usually dont watch any porn, also I abstain from reading or watching any TV/News, and tried to even not play any Video games which i played for couple of hours some days in the past. Additionaly i eat health and clean. So but what do you do for fun im asking you?
    If i wake up and its a more colder day with clouds outside I wake up and then? Im just like craving a coffee and some video games at least. But then im trying to avoid even that.

    How do I stay motivated and enjoy my life on NoFap, self development journey when cutting out so many "fun" activities? I actually need to build up my motivation to study and finish my bachelors degree which im like half way done. Though it would be perfect if i had more motivation after im waking up in the mornings to persue that if you know what I mean..

    Eventually someone has some tips to share, how she or he does that, what fun activites to include and/or how to stay motivated on the NoFap and overall self developement journey.
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    I honour your efforts and consistency. Fun comes in many forms. Yet the greatest joys in life, I believe, lie in the fullest giving of ourselves. Not out of duty or obligation, but out of the fulfillment of our true nature.

    I would suggest a process of self-exploration and contemplation. You can ask yourself each day:

    "What would make this day great?"

    "What can I do today so that I can sleep in complete bliss?"

    "What can I become so that I can die in bliss?"

    "What would Love do now?"

    "How can I fully give my gifts today?"

    Try to ask them from a place of openness, relaxation and curiousity. Listen to these answers. And act on them.
    They are an excellent starting point to being the greater process of life's greatest joy: your life's purpose. Which is no more, and no less, than you being so fully present and realised, that your every action is aligned to the greater task of being a gift to the world, yourself and existence itself.

    Strength and courage,

    Magic Out.
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    It is not motivation but I sleep a lot, it makes everything feel better.

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