What do you do to Escape from Reality and Run from Problems?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Koli Pratham, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. Koli Pratham

    Koli Pratham Fapstronaut

    For Me it was Just staying in My comfort zones, Watching anime, PMO sessions, etc
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  2. You need to find some useful hobbies that are involving dedication and hard work, but at the same time are fun. Learning some instrument, sports, drawing.. Watching anime, playing video games and saying home will never do you good in the long run, it will just make a dopamine illusion and bad habits/lazyiness. You need to get out of the comfort zone. Personally, I like to skateboard and play guitar-I sometimes get so caught up in this activities that I forget about all the rest, and after doing it I feel satisfied and happy, not tired at all and ready to do some more work.
  3. Revanthegrey

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    I use this site, youtube or reading a book of adventures, work out
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  4. mananddog

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    I like taking my dog out, paddle boarding, mountain biking. I like these because I’m lucky enough to be able to do it close to my home which makes it easy to do
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  5. Problems don't come to stay, actually they come to go... You have to be patient and trust god, Remember Anybody who trusts god the god is enough for him so no need to scape from reality and be a faired from problems...
    Additionally want to say that if you are looking for some substitute for pornography there are many things such as:
    1.watching good movies
    2.hanging out with friends
    3. Doing sport
    4.learning new language
    5.learning new musical instrument
    6. Reading books
    7. Watching intertaining shows and series(that are not contain sexuall content)
    8. Have a relationship and spend time with girl friend
    9.surff on YouTube ( avoid sexual any contents)
    10.listening to music
    11.going to peaceful nature
    12.playing video games ( not to be intemperate)
    13.doing meditation
    14.driving as hobby
    15. Go jogging
  6. Koli Pratham

    Koli Pratham Fapstronaut

    I agree.
  7. Koli Pratham

    Koli Pratham Fapstronaut

    That's so cool Man!
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  8. FezMan76

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    I like to go to the gym, learn German, play guitar, read, and occasionally draw (tho I suck at it). I should be focusing more on these however because since the summer started I’ve been consuming heavy doses of video games, TV show binging and porn, which is extremely harmful. I need to start focusing on keeping up these good habits, hobbies and routines, maybe also on creating new healthy ones, and on eradicating my bad habits.
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  9. mananddog

    mananddog Fapstronaut

    Anything that gets you in your flow state is good!
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  10. pancakebaker99

    pancakebaker99 Fapstronaut

    I stream some shows and movies.
    Write short stories
    play video games
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  11. my willpower

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    the one of the best ways shower cold
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