What do you do to relax?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Boost, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Boost

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    I guess the questions in the title. What healthy things do you do to relax and unwind, particularly after stressful periods?
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  2. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    Long warm showers with classical music is a big one I do. Long walks. Deep breathing exercises, meditation with binaural beats. Hanging around family. Journaling.
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  3. Stretching, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, running, hiking, drawing, model building, going to a sauna or steam room.
  4. Decided

    Decided Fapstronaut

    Cycling gets my mind off things for a bit and provides social contacts.
    Movies at home.
    Projects around the house.
    Social evening out (sometimes a date but not lately) that includes a nice dinner followed by walking, talking, maybe gelato and a play or other cultural activity like a museum.
  5. oyunbaz44

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  6. drac16

    drac16 Fapstronaut

    Aromatherapy. I burn sticks of incense and it helps me calm down and get into a healthy state of mind.
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  7. Protagonist

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  8. kmail

    kmail New Fapstronaut

    walks where you just reflect and think about things is always amazing, meditation, movies with the family or talking to good friends))
  9. mxmn

    mxmn Fapstronaut

    Reading, Sauna, Excercise, Family
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  10. GuitarAfficionado

    GuitarAfficionado Fapstronaut

    I like going to the gym, gaming and going for a walk while listening to music.
  11. cornwall22

    cornwall22 Fapstronaut

    Listening to music and watching videos on YouTube. Running and walking on the beach/mountains near me is also very therapeutic by myself or with a friend or family member.
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  12. Cirilla

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    What I wrote in my list: reading, playing video games, listening to some music, putting essential oils on, defining a time at which I don't work anymore, exercise, colouring book, turning off my phone, classing pics on my computer, drinking herbal tea, taking a shower, an idea box with activities ideas in it, yoga, tv shows and movies, taking a walk, making playlists on Spotify.
  13. Thomas Phoenix

    Thomas Phoenix Fapstronaut

    Define relax as how how ancestors relaxed and you will feel relaxed .
    Do not use modern relaxation methods as they will leave you feeling empty and wanting more
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  14. Boost

    Boost Fapstronaut

    A sincere thank you to everyone who has shared their tips and advice, really thank you. There are some great ideas here.
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  15. muhagg

    muhagg Fapstronaut

    Anime and Music
  16. WHMvsPMO

    WHMvsPMO Fapstronaut

    Bumping this up and adding a little: I think it's important to think about the kind of relaxation you're needing. Sometimes it's more mental, sometimes more physical, or a combination of both - and then think what kind of activity is best for how you're feeling right now. Obviously if a specific muscle group is tight the most direct way to relieve that is to stretch that muscle, and if the mind is stressed there are things like audio (I think someone mentioned BB) and one I'm not making enough use of is an infrared headset that stimulates the brain directly. It's probably not helpful to most people who don't have one but I will say it has gotten me to have urges in the past (not immediate) BUT it seems to be fine if I follow it immediately with the portable infrared sauna, so the whole body can relax. For that matter those portable models are much less expensive, you can do a little research but I found one with fairly high temperature and it's enough to give you a little bit of a sweat - even ones that are not as hot it probably will if you just wait a little longer for the heat to build.
  17. greatvortex

    greatvortex Fapstronaut

    Close your eyes then put any finger close BUT not touching your forehead. Whilst you have your eyes closed, focus your mind on the area of the forehead that's being pointed to by your finger. Do this for 60 seconds. I do this whenever I'm stressed or angry.
  18. muhagg

    muhagg Fapstronaut

    Yeah frying your brain has always been a good option
  19. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    I personally feel relaxed after a great workout, after a healthy meal, after dinner or a walk with friends, after a session of reading.
    Whenever I want to relax I put some chillhop beats lives and listen to them all evening while doing some other stuff.
    To relax I personally wear my comfiest hoodie and pants and chill with them.
    I also love watching some neutral movies like Star Wars or some Disney ones, which don't make you sad or stressed, but only happy.
    I love taking long hot showers, setting some soft lighting, and putting some fireplace sounds and trick my brain that I am in a comfy house in the mountains.

    The live I watch:
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  20. WHMvsPMO

    WHMvsPMO Fapstronaut

    Sounds like you don't know anything about it. It is experimental but it has helped professional athletes recover from traumatic brain injury and they had started a larger scale clinical trial when I got it for someone else. Of course there is a question of whether it's appropriate for healthy people, and it may very well not be or it may be dose dependent and need to be in balance with other things. This sounds like the all or nothing rationalization of low testoserone means less likelihood to relapse, or you gotta jack it up really high instead of gradually work on it naturally. With that kind of thinking people will always count days with no plan and no consideration of how things function.

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