What do you enjoy most, and least, about the holiday season?

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  1. BrowneyedBri

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    Due to Christmas is almost up
    I wanted to ask what do you like about it ?
    What are your traditional activities ?
    Any special kind of food other than the traditional one ?
    Go to any special Place ?

    For me
    I have a Friends-Mas
    No so much talk to my family anymore
    But me & all my friends
    Rent out a beach house
    And we have a gift exchange (but our twist would be , it would be the most ridiculous & most horrible gifts aha) Last gift Exchange I recieved a 20$ psn card
    When I went home to redeem it ...IT WAS EMPTY HAHAHA
    The food we always get for our Friends-Mas is Chili Cheese Fries & tacos
    I Loooooooove Chili Cheese Fries
    And at the end of the day
    We say what we love about each other
    Very heartwarming & just overall great experience !
    That is mine
    What about yours ?
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  2. I enjoy the deals I can find online. I dislike the phony "holiday spirit" and humility that quickly vanishes the day after Christmas. It's nice to get some payed days off, but the 4th of July is about the only holiday that means something to me.
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  3. alexgrin

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    Having to spend a substantial amount of money on family members. I just wish we did like a white elephant or secret santa thing, but nope. I have to buy gifts for my grandparents, my parents (including step parents), my siblings, my wife's parents and her siblings, the dogs... and one cousin, because we do secret santa amongst the cousins. And usually I end up going out at some point for drinks with my friends, so we each buy a round. I love Christmas, but man does it get expensive!
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I still have a primarily religious view on Christmas. I recognise the Ultimate Gift given: the first-born Lamb without blemish, who then gave to us. That’s what I like about Christmas: it’s the commeration of that event. It’s a reminder that we should give to others. It doesn’t need to be physical gifts; it can be friendship, service, comfort, or anything else wholesome.

    Of course, I also believe that the other 52 weeks of the year should also be dedicated to uplifting both yourself and others.

    I don’t like the overcommericialisation of Christmas. It makes the holiday stressful, and it should honestly be anything but.
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  5. I like the fact that I get to spend time with my entire extended family. Any time spent with family is good but the reasoning behind these holidays are based on lies. As a black person I feel conflicted celebrating Thanksgiving as this holiday is basically the kickoff event for the genocide of the the indigenous population of North America and the genocide and Importation of African Slaves. It's crazy to see my family celebrating this holiday and think nothing of it. Theres no point in me not eating all that home cooked food to make a statement but it still makes me shake my head.

    As a Christian, Christmas is is a pretty disgusting holiday. Rampant materialism is the total antithesis to Jesus, his life and his entire philosophy, not to mention the fact that he was most likely born during the spring. Most of the Christmas traditions we keep are originally pagan. Its painful to hear people I know talk about going deeper in debt because they feel spending money they dont have for gifts because they think doing this is actually important. Again, I dont go shitting on holiday parties trying to drop all kinds of knowledge on people who dont want to hear it but I dont consider any of this shit important. I enjoy my time off, smile, eat the food, put my judgment aside and refrain from talking shit. Santa Came through with some acid this year so Ill def be enjoying some lights.
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  6. Spoony

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    Christmas is the only 100% time of the year i will be at home. I spend 300 days of the year travelling and if i ever had to say to my mother that i have to spend christmas overseas. Well that would be a fate worse than death and i would hate to be my boss.
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  7. Well Christmas is all about family and food for me and my family of course, So the best part for me is meeting all of my family and having a great dinner, Swedish meatballs, honey mustard glazed ham, Janssons frestelse(dont ask), various other dishes in swedish i just dont want to write down, Oh not to forget 1 home brewed Christmas Ale.
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  8. My favorite part of Christmas time is the decorations. I love a lit Christmas tree and the smell of it. Also, it's a huge plus if it snows this time of year.
  9. omg I love smelling Christmas trees. the other day I went to a tree lot just to sniff the trees. it's awkward telling the dude you're just there to smell the tress but fuck it
  10. Tryingto

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    Most = child's enthusiasm!
  11. Lol...you're lucky he didn't charge you! Yeah, smells and sights are the best part of this holiday in my opinion. I've also grown to like old Christmas music too. I don't care for all the new age songs.
  12. LEPAGE

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    I like the religious (Christian) angle of it all, and I like seeing the biblical epics (Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, etc...) on TV, but I hate what I call "commercial Christmas". The two months (it starts before Halloween up here) of commercials. Two months of horrible music playing everywhere you go. Horrible Christmas movies which, if one extracts the "Christmas" aspect out of them, are bargain bin trash. Santa Clause parades clogging up the streets in the middle of November. Worst of all: the peer pressure to buy gifts for family members who in no way, shape or form deserve and/or need them.

    I don't want to get rid of Christmas entirely, but I just wish we could make it a much smaller (shorter) affair. Honestly, by the time the day finally roles around I'm sick of it.
  13. vxlccm

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    Commercialization helps no one. As in, I'm really not sure it's good for even the businesses that get a rush of buy buy buy everything. Then there's temp labor and shipping is through the roof. All the sales and artifice just really don't jive with the old-fashioned good feelings of the season. People wanting things is one thing, and peer pressure isn't comfortable for me, either, @LEPAGE.

    I do like Christmas, and I do like time with extended family. I prefer what we have over nothing, but I can see how the day of can feel anti-climactic after a long month.

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