What do you guys think about creatine's effects on nofap?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by horny nerd, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. horny nerd

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    I bought some creatine. I took 3 grams yesterday and 3 grams today. I went to the gym and I lifted more and recovered faster in between sets.

    Do you guys think Creatine has an effect on Nofap urges. It increases the ratio of DHT to regular testosterone. Do you guys think it's a good idea to take creatine while giving up porn?
  2. "It increases the ratio of DHT to regular testosterone."

    You answered your own question. It will have no effect on your ability to give up porn.

    DHT doesn't affect the same things as Testosterone.
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  3. @horny nerd Ive been taking creatine (5g) everyday for workouts, and it did not have any influence on me other than helping with strength boost. There is no such thing as "Giving up porn", its rather "Freeing yourself from porn" as you are not sacrificing anything, you only gain out of this deal. This is completely a mind game.
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  4. DerSchütze

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    Probably placebo imo, creatine does not have that dramatic of an impact, and needs to saturate your muscle over time before you start seeing results. Creatine works, but if it worked too well it would just be banned.
    Now if you start injecting testoterone or any other anabolic steroid on the other hand, this could cause some issues, and should be avoided unless you stand to make millions of dollars doing something physical.
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  5. DeepParkWater

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    It shouldnt directly effect test levels. Ive taken creatine for a long while and honestly diet and regular sleep are more important to your T levels than creatine
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  6. It has no negative effect on my reboot so far.
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