What do you guys think of MGTOW?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Gogohee, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Hey brothers,

    So just the other day I ran into this thing called MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) on reddit and I thought "This sounds exciting". After reading some FAQs and reading some forums on their website, I couldn't help but bust out laughing at some of the ridiculous and disturbing (possibly satire who knows) content that lurks around those forums. I mean some of the things I read from some of these guys posts were just straight up degrading to women. Meanwhile I'm thinking how the hell is saying things like "the only thing women are good for is oral sex" (it was more crude than this of course) beneficial to a man's life? For me, MGTOW means more of ignoring women or not chasing after them, not completely discarding them as human beings and treating them like filth.

    After considering joining the MGTOW site, I decided not to. I feel like they have the right idea but they are going about it the wrong way. It should be more about focusing on yourself as a man, and realizing that your worth is valuable regardless of what women think.

    Anyway, what do you guys think about MGTOW? I'm curious. I have a feeling some of you are members lol
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  2. Reborn16

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    I did read into some MGTOW stuff a few years ago, and I think they're on to quite a few truths. Things that women know, and I would guess most men don't, or simply choose to ignore.

    Interestingly enough I searched 'porn replacing women' a while ago and got a hit on a MGTOW site. Quite a few members there had tried NoFap and even succeeded in leaving porn behind. I imagine there are a few members that cross over both sites.

    I can't speak for a group. But I did seek out MGTOW at a time when I watched porn and resented women. I'm not as resentful now, but neither am I totally excited about the prospect of a long term relationship.

    You see I did take away some things that are hard to forget lol...

    Society names every problem after men, while expecting men to do all the work, fight all the wars, and not have any rights to see their kids. But pay for them and the ex-wife's lifestyle of course. When one starts to see this, and knows it's the tip of the ice burg, it's understandable a lot of men will skip the marriage train and kick their feet up at the station instead. At least until it's probable that the train won't derail down the road...

    I'm single never married, but I can easily imagine where the turn off comes from. Am I MGTOW? I don't think so. Do I want to get married and live a life that is expected of me by society? Not in the current state of things.

    This is an interesting topic, I'm keen to hear what everyone thinks about it!
  3. There's some truth and there's some nonsense.

    Truth: We don't need women for validation. We don't need women to have a happy fulfilling life. Women compliment a fulfilling life, they can't give you a fulfilling life.

    Ridiculous Stuff: All women are gold digging whores that want to destroy you after taking all your money. After they finish with you they go looking for another.

    All sorts of stuff in-between. I take what's useful and leave the rest.
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  4. fan_of_all_might

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    Dude please be careful with mgtow. Honestly, I get it. Women play to win, and guess what, these guys want to also. But instead of mgtow rising to the challenge they seek to bring women down, and from what I've seen, consist mainly of butt hurt guys who feed a perpetual cycle of unhappiness and discontent.

    I will agree mgtow/trp has some good points which should be considered, women are different than men. But PLEASE! Don't become one of these salty mgtow guys that hate women. We share this earth and a bond with women, both playing for the best outcome for our genes.

    Instead of sitting around and whining we need to lead as men. Be a shining example, principled, confident in ourselves and self love overflowing onto others around us. Ask for broader shoulders, not a lighter load, etc.
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  5. KS1994

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    I actually tried that site one year ago. I went to access one of their forums but a message popped up saying the number of users were limited because they were trying to screen out female users. That is the impression that MGTOW gave me, a male advocate site scared of women. They're just a different kind of snowflake.
  6. I think it's temporary, until a great woman shows up in your life.
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  7. Minsc

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    Pretty much echo what those above said. They bring up good initial points but degrade into blaming women instead of improving themselves.

    Edit: This said, a person could come to NoFap and make the exact same conclusion.
  8. I used to think MGTOW had something to do with Motown.

    This should be the MGTOW theme song:
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  9. Men who end up with gold diggers are men who view women as sexual objects. If a man treats a woman like an object, he’s going to find a woman who treats him like an object.
  10. TheManDude

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    The MGTOW community is interesting, I get why some men choose to quit women because they had awful experiences with them, like bad break ups or divorses or they lose all their money and stuff, but it is also a place for men that hate women to preach their views... my point is that you gotta be careful with the things you see there because a lot of nonsense can be appealling at first glance, so try not to take anything to seriusly.
  11. Great point, not to mention the fact that they both end up miserable in the end.
  12. MLMVSS

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    MGTOW to me is just a male version of feminism. It has its truths, and it also has its psychotic, divisive “logic”.
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  13. Awesome post.
  14. There is nothing wrong for men to find their purpose in this life, even if it would be somewhat unconventional. All that bitterness towards women is lame though. Ironically enough, that bitterness seems to make them even more obsessed with women, which i thought would be the opposite of what they were going for. Seems that the group was either poorly founded, or it was an anti-woman movement in the beginning.
  15. Future role model

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    Totally agree with you, it's extreme. Nobody should be extreme, we should have balance in our life, love women but don't let them be our main goal in life. Not all women are same, same goes to men.
    Modern feminism is actually much about hating men, MGTOW is much about hating women, which is sad for me... Instead of doing something good to their side, they spend their time and energy on putting other side down.
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  16. I'd stay away from the people who succumbed to hate (feminists/MGTOW). They will only pass their misery onto you.
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  17. Hitto

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    I’m trying to stay away from all that shit the movement has a lot of toxicity in aspects and also the whole incel movement is damaging to ones psyche I wouldn’t want anyone treating my cousins, mom,aunts or grandmothers like this or boxing them all in one category we as man have to rise above all this rhetoric and take responsibility for our own emotions and how we treat others regardless of all the overlying generalizations about women and their behavior
  18. Fausterity

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    MGTOWs need to MAN UP and stop running away from women. Instead, they need to put women back into their traditional gender roles.
  19. Fight and suppress a group of people to superficially achieve your goals....no one's ever thought of that before.

    Your mindset sets you up for short term success, and long term suffering. Look around you to see the evidence.
  20. Fausterity

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    Women entering the workforce en masse gave us short term success (more income, higher GDP), but long term suffering... birthrates plummeted, women are miserable, families are broken.

    Feminism has made women less happy than they have ever been. They were far happier and led more fulfilling lives when they were """oppressed""" and "forced" to be at home taking care of the children that love them and that they love back, doing 2 hours of housework per day.


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