What do you think? : A Discussion of Morality and the NoFap (questions within thread)

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    I want to begin by saying that I am posing this question for a respectful discussion of ideas. I am not attempting to put anyone down. Nofap is meant to be a community of men and women who support each other. It is not meant to be used to tear others apart. Now to the questions: If the entire scientific community came out with irrefutable evidence that P and M didn't contribute to sexual dysfunction in any way, would you still be here? If there were zero negative health effects, would there still be a reason to eliminate these behaviors from your life? If so What are they? I look forward to the discussion that hopefully follows! ( If enough people see this that is). I'll put in my own thoughts once I have a few responses.
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    I'm sure that I would still be in for it. Not PMO'ing clearly doesn't have any negative effects, and even if it was neutral physiologically I would still do it. I believe that we should make good decisions, and that porn is objectively bad for multiple reasons, first of which involves the degradation of people and promotion of sex-trafficking - for people who want to be intentional and discerning in their actions, who want to choose the good action, that should be reason enough.
  3. A resounding YES!
    Another resounding YES!
    Because it's a wrong thing to do (in my eyes). The majority of the porn industry is inhumane (only the top guys and registered people get some semblance of proper treatment). And even if I didn't care for what was happening to these people (and my encouragement of it by giving them money), I would never want to jack off while watching other men have sex. That kind of behavior is so damn self destructive. I am still recovering from some of it's side effects. The images I have in my head are going to take decades to go away, despite me wishing everything in my power to make them leave.

    Simply stated... Porn destroyed my life, my mental state and I am blessed that it didn't destroy my d!CK or I would have got the full package of woes. So, yeah, I am never going back again. And in my heart, I know it's the right thing to do. And I curse the people who didn't teach me any better, who lied to me for the sake of few measly bucks and some who were simply brainwashed into accepting it as a norm.
  4. Thank you for the questions. I don't think that science or studies have any real bearing when we are looking for the truth about something. We are just waiting for someone to tell us what is good or bad for us and we ether agree or disagree with it, based on what we already know. This is a very limited way of navigating our lives. Im not saying that science is bad and we should not trust it, I'm saying that it is not an authority over our lives. We must be our own authority and base our decisions on our own experience of the truth. If one cares to look. Personally, I am not trying to get rid of it, at least not now, I am just trying to understand it. Why is it we have this craving for pleasure? maybe in this understanding I can begin to change it. I don't know what the latest science news is about nofap so for me it makes no difference.
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    I don't need scientists permission to know that something is bad for me or that it exists, I can make my own observations. Scientists say that 60% of our diet should be from carbs, but that makes me feel like shit, so I eat less carbs. Even if they produced a study saying there is nothing wrong with pmo I would assume a conspiracy, and such a study will never be produced because the bad effects of pmo are real.
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    Also I didn't quit pmo because of morality. I quit because it makes me feel like crap. If pmo made me feel energetic, confident, stronger, made me more attractive to women, made me have better sex, I would fap every day.
  7. Yeah the real funny part of all this is that people trust science to be free from bias and influences, in fact it is so much easier to buy a scientist, because they are forever lacking in funds for their actual researches, and can be easily goaded to do shady stuff by big companies and industries.
  8. Porn is incredibly selfish and after a while we get so dumbed down by it and it doesn't seem so bad but when the fog starts to clear we realize just how harmful it is.
    Yes 100% I'd be here even if scientists gave their opinion. Just because someone says something is backed up by science doesn't necessarily mean it's back up by science!
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    Porn is wrong. It is wrong for the women in the industry most of whom are physically and mentally abused or humiliated, it is wrong for women everywhere as it enforces an idea that women are there for us to use for sexual pleasure and not much else. It teaches us that no means yes, that women want rough demeaning sex. It destroys our relationships. Lots of men are here because of PIED, but even those men seem to realise that porn was bad for them more broadly and is bad for society.
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  10. All of science has believed many a wrong thing in the past. Imagine--ever heard of "Nebraska Man"? Scientists often, as in that case, believe entirely the wrong thing, on next to zero evidence, just because it furthers the myths they wish to teach.

    Most "scientists" and "doctors" today believe that masturbation is healthy. Well, a hundred plus years ago, they used to prescribe smoking, too, and believed we had a number of vestigial organs. A few doctors today still prescribe smoking for supposed health benefits (not in the developed world, though, I'm sure). If your doctor told you that you should smoke, would you believe him?

    Like lemmings, many today still follow the crowd against all reason. Pornography has always been immoral, it was never good, it will never be good, regardless of who declares it to be such--even as a rose, by any other name, would still be a rose.
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    Yes, I would stay here anyway; I must say during my 7 years period of watching P and M compulsively I've never suffer from PIED, PE and other similar dysfunction, but, still, I know I have a toxic relation with porn and NoFap help me to cope with it.
    Well, PMO is not necessarily a bad thing, when you can controll it. The problem is that I completely f***ed my mind with internet porn when I was a teenager and now I must pay attenction on what I see...
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    What's interesting is that there are some old books from the 19th century where they argue, correctly, that masturbation is harmful. But these were eventually labelled quack science and forgotten.
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    Sorry I made this thread and ended up not being able to get back for two days. My own two cents on this is that pornography is intrinsically wrong, as it reduces human beings to sexual objects to be used. It is never morally permissible to objectify another person, even if they do consent to it. One example I have heard is this: "If some one consents to being beaten up, maybe even enjoys is, is it still ok to beat them up?". The fact that someone is willing to neglect their own dignity does not give others the right to do the same One thing I did want to clarify is that I was merely posing a hypothetical. I would also strongly suspect conspiracy if such a verdict was given by every scientist. Maybe a better way of phrasing it is "if it were true there were no negative health effects". I know it's a little out there. I guess my ultimate reflection is should we avoid this because it is affecting us negatively, or because we have come to believe it is wrong? As many of you have pointed out, we don't all make are decisions solely based on advice from scientists, so what do we base it on? I apologize if the hypothetical is a bit out there. I posed the idea because this reflection has personally helped me strengthen my resolve through my moral convictions. I will not give up this fight because want to stop doing something that I believe is wrong, and it does not only affect me. Thank you to everyone who has weighed in so far.
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    I was reading that book I mentioned earlier and I had a small epiphany. I realized why they don't teach us about the harmfulness of masturbation today, it's because it's politically incorrect. Read the book and you'll immediately notice that certain people today would be offended. When arguing about the development of the body and mind being dependent on the genitals he talks about the inferiority of eunuchs, and the imperfection of hermaphrodites vs the perfection(completeness) of healthy adult men and women - completely male or completely female.

    The fundamental argument of nofap is that your strength and character as a man comes from your male genitals. But we live in a feminist misandrist LGBTQ "non-binary" culture, and their fundamental argument is that being a man is made up, it's a fiction created by "The Patriarchy", we're sexually fluid - according to them - so to support nofap would be to fundamentally undermine their beliefs. Ponder that. You know it's true.
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    People should have real sex with real people. Porn shouldn't even exist. The fact that it does implies that there is something wrong with the culture.
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  17. Not really. Sexual images, figures have existed for centuries. To get addicted to them and destroy your own life is a different thing altogether. The thing that is really wrong with the present day culture is teaching people that they need to control the world and it's ways, instead of their own reactions to it.
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  18. +rep
    This is really insightful bro
  19. Figures yes but the internet means we have access to millions of images and videos which are designed to be addictive. I gotta say I agree we should outlaw porn.
  20. That's exactly what I was saying. Instead of telling your brain to stop watching it, you want the government to force your brain to stop watching it. History is full of such failed attempts, check out how well bans on alcohol fared in various countries, let alone other recreational drugs. True freedom comes from within, and if you think government forcing people to stop is the right thing to do, then I am sorry to see such a pitiful state of mankind.
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