What do you think of sex scenes?

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Should sex scenes have a place in fiction or burn in hell?

  1. They definitely can if done right!

  2. They should burn in hell!

  3. I don't really mind those scenes

  1. Alright, it's been a while since I last visited this forum, but alas I'm back from the grave. Now let's talk about a trope in fiction and non-fiction that's highly debated and controversial (at least in this forum). That's right, I'm talking about sex scenes, whether it's in books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

    I'm going to be honest this time, but I absolutely despise this trope with a fiery passion. It's so oversaturated in modern media nowadays, especially in the fantasy and sci-fi genre, it's not even funny. Sex is everywhere and there is no denying that.

    We live in such a lustful, perverted, and oversexualized society so it's not surprising that there are so many people in the world currently under the effects of what I like to call the "pussy spell" (or the "dick spell", whichever one you prefer).

    What people need to realize is that relationships are not a necessity to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Relationships are like a condiment that can greatly enhance our lifestyle. They should not be seen as the key to happiness like what the modern media would tell us.

    So how do you become happy? It's very simple: happiness comes from within ourselves. You have the ability to become happy anytime. You just have to be present in the moment. What does that mean? If you are living in the past, then you are depressed. If you are living in the future, then you are anxious.

    So how do you become present in the moment? One simple way to become present is by focusing on your breathing instead of your thoughts. You can also boost your happiness by drinking lots of water, getting a good night's rest, eating a clean vegan diet, getting plenty of exercise, taking cold showers, intermittent fasting, etc.

    There are many other ways to boosting your happiness, but I'm not going to go in-depth in this post because that would make this post excessively long. Plus, I was going off-topic so here we go again.

    Anyways, I despise sex scenes for many reasons. 1) They serve no purpose to the plot; they are only there as unnecessary filler to sexually arouse the audience. 2) They are overdone so many times, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, to the point where it gets very annoying very quick. 3) Some can be very unrealistic and badly written to the point where it can feel like reading a shitty ass fanfiction. 4) Sex is glorified way too much, to the point where it kinda ruins the spiritual aspect of sex IMHO.

    Overall, I honestly think sex scenes are highly unnecessary. Yes, I get it, authors want romance in their story. I don't hate fictional romances by any means; I think they can be very compelling and beautiful if done right. But if done badly, then it makes me want to chuck my book out the window. So. Damn. HARD!

    So what do you guys and gals think of sex scenes? Could sex scenes be emotionally compelling if done right? Or does that trope deserve to burn in the fiery depths of hell alongside the other ridiculous romance tropes (*cough *cough love triangles). I would like to know your opinions on this topic :)

    -Captain Rex
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    Game of Thrones was one of the worst offenders of this. They'd have sex in scenes that weren't even really sex scenes. They'd be discuses some fleet and a pair of tits would pass by aha.
    Sometimes though I think nudity can kind of help a scene like in the wolf of wallstreet when Jordan Belfort (Leo) sees Naomi (Margot Robbie) Naked for the first time. Actually seeing her unveil herself puts us in Jordan's shoes more than if we were just to see the reaction of his jaw dropping the audiences jaw drops too. That's how I see it anyway.
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    I only hate them when my wife agrees to do them and they’re not even filmed
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  4. I think we could do without sex scenes, most of the time thier way to long and pointless and have nothing to do with the movie
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    For me it depends on how long and explicit it is. If it’s just short not showing much, sure that’s fine with me. Other than that I can’t think of a single movie I’ve ever seen where a sex scene is relevant to the plot (no matter how explicit it is) except for films where sex is the plot. Never once did I see a sex scene and think “hmm I wonder how he/she is gonna get out of this one”.
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    I'm indifferent towards them.
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  7. Sex is not a "trope." It's a part of life, and it would be completely unrealistic to never address it or include it in fiction. Especially if the piece of fiction is heavily centered on romance. It doesn't have to happen "on the page" or "on screen," but it can definitely be done well, and in a classy manner.
  8. I think a lot of men here deem sex scenes pointless because they don't care about the romantic subplot of movies. Or they don't understand how important and valuable sex is to that relationship development. As a romance author, I would say sex is a very important part of a relationship, and it's definitely not pointless in a story.
  9. I agree to an extent, but personally i prefer it when its implied. Two people start kissing and then it fades out and the next scene theyre shown waking up in bed together. For me, that gets the exact same point across without too much detail
  10. I agree, but I would still call that a zex scene, I guess. That type of scene is what I was referring to when I said it can be done in a classy way.
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    I disagree that it serves no purpose to the plot. Some sex scenes are vital to the story. A great example is the Channel 4 drama/comedy Pure. I'd say every sex scene and nudity is vital to telling the story and without them the story loses its power. If you don't know it's about a woman who has intrusive sexual thoughts that she finds very disturbing. In one scene the main character is so traumatised by one particular sexual thought that she moves from Scotland to England. Personally, I don't find the sex scenes a turn on because the main character is so disturbed by them. I actually found it to be a helpful series because I sometimes have intrusive thoughts and it made me realise I'm not alone, it also shows how the main character deal with them and that's a great to me.

    Having said that, yes there's some shows and movies that have pointless sex scenes. One example of this is Game of Thrones and that why I hate that show.
  12. I'm neutral on this topic. I can't really take sides.

    Sex scenes are relevant in some movies and in others they are not. In my opinion, sex is a beautiful act, if potrayed in the right way, would deliver an educational message to the audience.

    Now, considering sex scenes in movies in which they are relevant, I would divide those movies into two groups. One, movies in which sex scenes are potrayed beautifully and with respect. Second, movies in which sex is potrayed in the wrong way.
    This is completely my point of view on why sex scenes are supposed to be shown in movies.

    Now, if we look into why sex scenes are introduced into movies, it puts forward a direct and expected answer. It is for views. There may be some directors who would like to bring awareness on the malpractices or social situations. But, excluding the films they direct, it's all for views. Sex is demonstrated in a way not acceptable to society. An alternative to this is what @What I Do That Defines Me wrote.
    There was a newspaper article I read a while back which was on this exact topic. It said that children are exposed to sex through films most of the time. When parents were questioned on whether they would stop their children from watching films with sex scenes or films with violence, most parents chose the former reason. The reason? It's simple. They didn't want their children to receive the wrong message and also to avoid embarassing questions on sex. Imagine an 8 year old nagging you to answer what sex is.
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  13. ?
    They are a necessity. Humans are sociable creatures amd general and rltps with other people are the only thing that matters.
    Uhhhh sure i guess. Yes&no
    Yo, i really fuck w this right here. Im gonna steal this for a profile post if you don't mind
    They do serve purpose. Big purpose. They establish the connection between 2 characters in the movie in the most intimate way possible
    If done right. I've read a book before where a crazy sexual scene came out of nowhere. Like porn type scene
  14. LEPAGE

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    I think they are largely unnecessary. It is possible to imply sex has occurred without showing it on the screen. Every single movie made from 1933 until around 1960 was made this way, many of which are among the greatest films ever made. I think that TV shows and films which have sex scenes are either intentionally adding a hard or soft porn element or have shitty writing.
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    I like making sex scenes and uploading them on Vimeo.
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    Fairs. We should be against watching porn not making.
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    I think it's all about context and what the director is trying to achieve. Story-telling is usually about guiding the other person through a series of emotions. Arousal is just another emotion to take your reader/viewer through, and I don't think there's anything wrong with exploring that (provided it's a book/movie for mature audiences).

    There's a time and a place for it though, and unless you're portraying hedonism, or a character's sex obsession or something, there's probably no good reason to have a sex scene every 10 minutes.

    So in that sense, they annoy me when they feel out of place, but otherwise I don't see them any differently from any other element of story-telling. I think there's also a cultural element involved though, I've heard that in the US nudity is frowned upon a bit more - whereas here in Europe we don't tend to make a big deal out of nudity so sex scenes aren't a particularly big deal. (Except when it's obnoxious and you have to turn the TV down so your neighbours don't think you're blasting porn at full volume!)
  18. We talking normal films yeah? I can't watch those scenes. Just like if a couple making out in front of me I wouldn't watch. And then next scene, random act of violence or car chase. No thanks. When I'm really into a movie for the story and character acting and script and then there's a silhouette of a bum slow humping to violin music, how am I supposed to feel as a movie viewer?
  19. Agreed. I dabble in writing myself and as a hopeless romantic, I can definitely get that there is a time and a place in a story for a sexual encounter.

    It's just, sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. *looks at Game of Thrones*
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  20. When people say this, I think they're only focusing on the sexual aspects of the world in order to reinforce their worldview. It's the natural human habit of seeking out patterns to support a belief/claim and when they find it, they use it as evidence. Exceptions are called just that.

    Sure, sex is talked about in many different kinds of music these days, but you show a pair of tits on YouTube (that don't even belong to a real woman) and a hissy fit is thrown. Well. Excluding that one Cardi B music video, anyway.

    To me, in some areas, sex is pushed far too heavily and in other areas, it's too repressed.

    They may not be a necessity, but they can greatly affect your overall mood. A healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship, I imagine can do wonders for the psyche. As for a casual, purely sexual kind of relationship, this depends more on the person, of course.

    Subjective, but I concur with most of this except your vegan claim. This denotes that those who don't eat vegan are somehow less happy than those who do when it's actually been found that going vegan causes depression. As well as other mental illnesses. Asking rhetorically, how does someone "stay happy" whilst partaking in a diet that's a never-ending fast?

    It's off topic from the thread, but I don't let false information be asserted without challenge.

    My point exactly.

    Disagree, sex can serve a purpose to the plot. It's hard to believe that two individuals who are in love in some kind of media (or at least in a form of relationship that would have intimacy of some kind) are never seen having sex, not even with an implication to it in a story targeted towards teens to adults. Your bias seems to be clouding you from that.

    If I'm being honest, you sound like you put up a prude-ish wall towards anything sexual in our media. Reminds me of the character Adrian Monk. Heh.

    I will say that I avoid sex scenes that are not an implication, but it's two (or more) people acting it out, but that's more for reboot purposes.
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