What do you think of today's society?

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Is your society obsessed with sex?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not sure

  1. Honestly, I have no idea where to begin when it comes to this topic, so I won't be so harsh this time but I still don't like how sex is viewed in this society. Sex used to be a taboo and private topic a few decades ago. Nowadays, it is so damn saturated in modern-day society, there is no escape from it.

    I honestly don't get the appeal of sex in modern entertainment at all. Why are sex scenes so damn common in movies, TV shows, anime, music, et cetera?! I hate sex scenes; they're so damn boring to watch. Not only that, but as a single person who is not yet ready to mingle for reasons, I feel insulted for not having a girlfriend.

    I don't need a girlfriend right now; I'm contempt with being single and I love myself regardless of my problems. I know that everyone else has ups and downs in their life so mine are no different.

    No one is perfect in life; perfection is impossible to achieve, but that doesn't mean we can't improve ourselves to become the best we can be! We can only live life once, so don't waste it!

    Anyways, I remember when I used to be under the influence of the "sex spell" and I would see sex as the ultimate goal in life. I was so desperate to be in a relationship, I didn't see girls as people, and I only judged them based on their appearance. Looking back, that's a pretty disgusting mindset that so many boys my age (17) have and it's really sad.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like romance but only if it's done right. For example, I do love the friends to lovers trope because it feels very realistic and organic when done well, but if incest or abuse is being romanticized (looking at you, Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare), then I will lose my fucking shit!

    Anyways, now that I got those thoughts out of my head, what are opinions on modern day society? Am I totally wrong about this? Am I just being a prude? Are there any points I got right? I have no idea honestly.

    -Captain Rex
  2. I'm not sure about society, people were and always will be sex-crazed. It's more about sex being explicitly displayed or referenced in culture that is unprecedented in modern history. That must have some effect - some people are becoming looser. But I'd bet the net effect is actually the opposite. I think people are getting saturated with sex and so they're becoming reactionary. For example, I'm sure today's young generation is not nearly as slutty as the hippies were.
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  3. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    To be honest, I liked it more when back when it was more a taboo thing, it made it more mysterious, and therefore attractive.

    Now everything is sex and to be honest, a very disgusting and superficial display of it.
  4. nef

    nef Fapstronaut

    Thanks mate for sharing I thought that I'm crazy for thinking such things I thought it was normal to have these scenes It was to me like everyone is living in modern society and I'm living in middle ages
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  5. GaroldG

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    Sex is ok, there is nothing bad about it
  6. badbanana

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    Society has always been obsessed with sex. I don't mind. I wish sex in entertainment was depicted more realistically though. Everyone has pretty ridiculous expectations.
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  7. I don’t think anyone is saying sex is wrong or bad. I think what people are discussing is whether sex is being displayed in a healthy manner within society.
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  8. Batty Belfry

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    Today's depiction and exploration of sex is more open and less conservative. If you grew up watching I Love Lucy, the Ricardos went to bed in separate beds. By the time Alfred Hitchcock made his films, such as Rear Window and Psycho, voyeurism took away the taboo implication of sex and placed it front and center.

    Have we become desensitized to what sex is or what sex should be? I think the amount of euphemisms that are exclusively sexual have created some sexual deviance. Whether in the manner of healthy foreplay or lewd language, I am not certain of the lasting effect, if any, it will have on our conscience.

    Sex is defined by those who have experienced it; everyone has their own definition.

    For those who have not had sexual encounters, myself included, sex feels like an impossible fantasy living in a possible reality.
    The possible danger of it all lies in the romanticized and desensitized media.

    No two people know what sex is or should be until they define it together themselves.
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  9. Get behind me Satan

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    Hollywood is a den of vipers! They are not content with adults, they want children! What a dangerous path they are on.
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  10. Breadman

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    Actually I think it is documented that today’s young people experience less sex than my generation (60’s). This could be a good thing for relationships but I think that’s not the case. It seems to me the saturation has put so much pressure on younger folks they have a hard time to truly to enjoy relationships and sex. Too many exaggerated (muscles, breasts, teeth, penises, etc.) perfect bodies and unrealistic expectations. Plus we had no readily available porn.
  11. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    Well yes, sex it is okay. The bad thing is that it is everywhere now, and not in a very healthy way.
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  12. Were you at Woodstock? :D
  13. b-v-o-y

    b-v-o-y Fapstronaut

    There's hope, but for the most part our society is pretty screwed up. Sex, politics, and so much more. It's a good time to be alive but also scary times that we live in.
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  14. Jane elise

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    I am agree with you I have same opinion this is a private thing so we should keep it private even kids can't see a cartoon show with out romance and that sex things
    Our society ....I am very disappointed
    We should not take it as a part of our daily routine we should keep everything in limits
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  15. Breadman

    Breadman Fapstronaut

    No I was hitch hiking around Europe. I watched the Moon landing in Italy on tv the same summer in Italian. Missed a lot.
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  16. I remember when I was a kid one of the big shows was married with children. As a young girl I remember how the male audience would cheer and clap when Kelly walked in... a blond bimbo praises for being stupid and beautiful. Her mom, Peggy would beg her husband to be intimate and he was disgusted and would rather go to the strip club. .... not much has changed since the 80s has it.

    I get irritated while watching a movie.. mostly horror movies because I’m a horror fan... BAM naked woman who’s got her tits hanging out... no need for that.

    Victoria’s Secret fashion show? What the heck is this? I’ve been inside Victoria’s Secret and it looks nothing like what those “angels” are wearing so what’s the point of the show? Oh yeah, to objectify women.

    I took my daughter to the circus a couple weeks ago. Why was there a scantily clad woman pointing to the man doing daredevil tricks? Did she have a purpose other than to look sexy around children?

    Cheerleaders? Don’t even get me started on this lol

    Places like hooters who hire based on looks

    Our society is one that doesn’t only obsess over sex it teaches young girls that they will never be good enough and teaches little boys that women are objects. Then we wonder why as adults we have all these problems.
  17. I obviously can't speak to your experience of growing up as a female but me and most boys around me didn't grow up with a "women are objects" mentality. Perhaps because we were constantly around them in school where we kept finding out they're humans as well.

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    In wedlock yes, fornication destroys however.
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  19. attempt45001

    attempt45001 Fapstronaut

    Couldn't agree more with that. Made me so sick I had to stop reading it. Like wtf, how can u just make it sound romantic when it's so so so wrong??

    I'm not adding anything rly new, but I feel like it's not that society is making sex more open. If we were removing the taboo and shyness of it than it wld quickly loose it appeal in entertainment. They're just using g its shock value to make their movies edgier. And honestly I wish they wldnt, they make it look so easy and good. But I was once told that sex at first is super awkward and kinda sweaty. So now I have these two confusing ideas!
  20. In the Western World today, a man who is not having casual sex and telling it to everyone may as well be a leper.
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