What does it take to be matured(post form a 17 year old)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Kingofanew_world, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. Kingofanew_world

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    I am 17 years old and I feel that I am yet not matured for a normal 17 years old to be. I continually was awkward I all aspects of life. I didn’t progress much academically. I don’t have genuine friends and also I couldn’t be one. I continually lie to myself which affect my progress. I have become completely numb too due to constant relapse.
    I feel really stupid to myself in front of people. After all this i still want change but I am not able to see the clear picture.
    There are a few people of the same age as me who are quite successful in what they desire for. I am not able to understand what different did they do that I couldn’t in order to find positive growth in me.
    It will be of great help if some one can enlighten me with an answer!
  2. IbrahimViking

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    What if different people have different default strengths? What if your destiny and natural talent is in something you are not yet aware of?
  3. First know where you want to be successful, then move, ask yourself questions, what you need to get to that particular success, summi but it's a long walk that still has ahead, good luck ^^, and relaxes you are still new

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