What does the curiosity brings?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jorge A., Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Jorge A.

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    I've been struggling dealing with the curiosity of the "just a quick peek", because it might seem harmless. But IS a HUGE TRAP, because if you give yourself permission to see things that are like not that "bad" you will GET USED TO IT, and then you will give permission to see other things that are not good at all.
    And there is no reason to have curiosity with P, because now I remember that is just THE SAME crap I've been seeing the last years, and I WON'T go back to that ever again, I know it.

    That's why, I need to make the SAFE GAME a HABBIT. That's why I need to sleep earlier, with my pijama, I need to use a belt (know that might sound weird, but is way safer to use it), I need to put away my lap in the night, and that sort of things that, if I make them a habbit, will help me to STAY REBOOTED.
    But I'm not saying that without these habbits I won't be able to make a stand against it, because I will survive it, but maybe not that long, and maybe after a long period I miss this fight, will try my best to not to though.
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    Very true man. Keep going and you will finally win this fight. Who knows you may be cured very soon, but you have to keep going.
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    Hey...Well I made it to July 18th which put me at 15 days No PMO and then a relapse. Yikes, I wasn't even looking for porn, my smart phone APP rejected any attempts to access it...dam..it was a you tube segment that unhinged me. I refuse to deal in shame, this is a tricky process when one deals in lust and loneliness at the same time along with the vast wasteland of images surrounding you on the internet. If one has to look on the bright side, I felt calmer and even felt that my response to arousal had improved so I have hope in that sense. This is tough and takes real focus.

    It took me a few days to admit that I have to start over. but I need to. I am trying to eliminate more "trap doors" in my way to success.
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    Curiosity is part of the Porn trap... New videos or categories seem different and promising, but eventually they are all the same stuff, to be used once and leaving you craving for more the next day.
    It's better not to be tempted even to read about new torrent videos... surely better not to see any new image!
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