What does transmutation mean to you?

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    Channelling creative, lower reproductive drives, energies and impulses towards some task, be it work or play or whatever. If sexuality is sacred to you, then likewise the ideal way to spend the excess energy, when not engaging in sexual acts, is to engage in some other sacred / higher creative activity. The trick is in consciously tapping into those energetic reserves, directing and allowing them to overflow with precision.

    I think it is both something you learn and can get better at, as well as something that comes naturally, just like love making. It is a kind of imperative. The energy is intense and intimate and seeks expression with that sense of urgency and vitality that can kind of get in it's own way. If we can get out of our own way/s and allow this energy to flow freely, amazing works of art, music and so on can be created and stream fourth effortlessly. It is deeply fulfilling when this can be done, and gives life a sense of purpose which does not revolve entirely around sex and just keeping on for the sake of keeping on.

    It's kind of just like growing up, to put it bluntly. It is a normal, healthy thing. Not to say easy, it can be rather far from it at times. Nothing seems to block the channel more than our own basic desires, egos, habits and ignorance. We can hardly expect a young adult male to know how to conserve and / or spend 25,000 dollars wisely. Yet there has awakened a function within his own body that could help spawn 25,000 new human lives. Learning to harness and direct that life force towards something worthwhile in this world, above and beyond procreative obsessiveness, is quite the discipline.

    I think the ideal state is reached when we can learn to hold a child-like enthusiasm and playfulness, while maintaining our learned adult faculties, skills and capabilities. An embodied fusion of ancient and modern wisdom, within the context of our own lifetime. Just like making love, when it's actually, really happening, you know for sure that it is indeed actually, really happening. It's a wonderful feeling to experience.
  2. By my own experiences I can agree, that transmutated sexual energy opens the gate for higher spiritual states. The practice is in a way describable by leading up any upcoming primitive physical sexual/erotic impulse of desire instantly up through the spine to the crown, by recognizing that its true core and need for real expression is love. (=unification)

    Any ordinary profane ejaculative orgasm will immidiately lower the energylevel and mostly result into a backfall to the common slumbertrance most people accept as their normal reality. But it´s also a solid fast method to get oneself grounded "back to earth". Ecstasy can drive you too far away into space high, like hallucinogenic drugs can.
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  3. very well said K! wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts.
    thanks for sharing
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    Wow, tremendous comments guys. I think transmutation of the sexual energy is REALLY what true healing from PMO is all about. Of course, many on this site would disagree, that's why I am glad this particular forum exists.

    So to try to help answer the OP's question I'll toss in a few "what does transmutation look like for me"? examples. I admit that I am MILES and MILES away from getting there....but if things like the following happen I feel I have truly healed and begun transmuting my energy for higher purposes:

    *That instead of masturbating I would instead PREFER to write a long letter to an old friend.

    *I would prefer to prepare a romantic dinner for my wife instead of ejaculating with her.

    *I no longer counted "days" and simply embraced an ejaculation-free life.

    *I no longer thought of my wife's body as "mine", but rather her's to enjoy and share as she pleases.
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    Thanks for the above posts, very informative. I'd like to tap into this state, are there any resources online about it at all you could point me toward? I know it was originally brought up by Napoleon Hill in his book but I don't know if he said much more about it than simply outlined the concept. Thanks
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    @PolPerro28 back in the day, I read this book to get started and get some insight into things:

    Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. By: Mantak Chia, Michael Winn

    It's a good one and used to be easily available online in PDF by a quick search, though that no longer seems to be the case. Don't want to drag religion into this but old taoist (probably among others) thought is where this all stems from. I don't think any religious dogma adherence is required to follow basic principles of the tao. It's just a simple, straight forward way of living intuitively, imo.


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    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

    In my opinion, next to all the theory breakdown, it would be helpful for those who may have just started researching to have a simpler and actionable view on this topic. Whenever I came in contact with the word ‘sexual transmutation’ through the years, wether books, forums, etc, it was made out to be way more complicated than what the core message really is.

    Just like Napoleon Hill’s chapter on the topic. I understand the need to thoroughly explain a concept, but it often times evokes more questions in readers than it answers. And at the end, it just remains a concept. There are no applicable actions. I think a what-to-take-from-this message at the end of such books would be really useful. Ie. For Hill’s chapter, I would sum it up with: “You want to be rich? Great. Then instead of chasing women, put that drive to do something about getting rich. Associate with rich people, learn finance, manage your income and output, etc.

    So to me, sexual transmutation translates into “pursue something else than sex”. It can be anything.
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  8. This is what in psychoanalysis has been called sublimation. Using the energy of the sex drive and bring it by a creative act to a higher level, like art. Thomas Mann as a professional writer, is an excellent example for that. He was married with six children, but felt homosexual inside and repressed it all over his life. (we only know about this, because of his long-after-death published diaries) He felt very guilty every time he "relapsed" from his permanent selfdisciplined NoFap lifestyle, but was by this sublimation able to use the sexual energies to write his famous and high praised books (nobelprized).

    While the taoist method of sexual transmutation as been descripted by Mantak Chia works in a very physical way with the body. The sexual energy is not ignored, denied or even repressed, but rather used, enjoyed and constantly refined for the health benefits of the body and personality. It´s about balance, not repression.
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    So is your view to achieve this you must completely abstain from sex or are there exceptions? Also, if you dont mind could you share some examples of how this has helped you grow as an individual?
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  10. Would also like to know if having sex is counterproductive
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    Thank you for sharing!
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    I think it depends on what you want out of your life right now. If you wanna have connections with women, grow emotionally, or experience a hedonistic lifestyle, then I think that in no way it is counterproductive. Then you should pursue as much sex as possible. But if you want to focus on other things which are more important to you and have solid success in those areas, then yeah, it might be.

    But I’m not a fan of any extremes, especially extreme changes. Any “in order to achieve this, you gotta turn 180 degrees in you worldview and daily actions” has never worked for me. It is actually quite destructive in my opinion. This is assuming that you guys view sex as how it’s viewed now for the majority of the public.

    Let me illustrate it with my case, as it was a slow progress of change in views.

    If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I should not look for flings, I would have laughed at them because my understanding at the time was “the hotter the girl, the plentier the sex, the better”. I was a slacker back then with no goals, so I just went with the majority. Sex with hot girls was what I lusted after back then.

    Then that view evolved with time and experiences into sex only in relationships. If someone would have told me 2 years ago that I should not abuse sex in a relationship, I wouldn’t have gotten it, because at that time my view was “sex is a physical expression of the emotional connection between two people. So why not do as much as possible if we love each other?”.

    Then it kept evolving as I was studying more and more rebooting materials daily, because I was failing at rebooting. To be more exact, I was failing at rebooting to use it as an excuse to fail at life. I was good with girls, but I was otherwise stucked in life, wallowing in my fears. I knew I was not living the life I knew I could. And I felt it deep inside. You could say that I used being good with women to compensate for my lack of success in other areas of my life.

    If someone would have told me half a year ago that I should wait till I am married to have sex, I’d.... You know the drill. Right now, my mind is still only half accepting of this concept. I’m dating a girl who doesn’t do sex until marriage, and that’s one of the reasons I date her. At the moment, sex for me is about care instead of lust or physical expression.

    My focus now is to mover closer to my goals, so I need all of my energies focused into work, sports, family, and responsibilities. As for growth, it’s quite solid. Examples for you: getting back into sports I was into as a teenager, getting back to being an early bird and get things done, being a helpful person and paying attention to other people’s needs, do things with a proactive mindset, etc.. I get a lot of things done. Progress in one area affects the others, so overall I am just a better person each day.

    The point I’m trying to make is that changes in views should never be drastic imo. Forgive me if I dwelled too long on this, but I had the sense that you felt like it was necessary to sacrifice sex to achieve xyz. I just wanted to illustrate that in my case, it is about not craving it instead of having to “give it up” for higher purposes or repressing it.

    But it took my 5 years to go from “let’s have as much sex as possible with any hot girl and focus my daily actions around it” to “there are other many more important things in life than sex”.

    Anyways, this is just my case. I’m sure there are plenty of people having sex and still lead a productive life. I am just not one of them right now. I need every bit of energy for other purposes.

    I hope you guys can get something out of this. Cheers!
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    Great insights! Wonderful observations! Its good find people interested in this topic!

    I think that our life and sex energies are deeply related. We are the manifestation of sex energy, and we have that seed of energy within us, the truth is that this energy is pure love, pure awareness, the essence of our being.

    Sexual energy finds its truest expression in acts of love. It is kindled when we begin to live a life of acceptance, centering, love and awareness.

    As addicts, we faced problems because we were not in acceptance of our sexuality. Some people thought masturbation as sin and condemned themselves, nurtured self hatred, but the sexual urge was overpowering, so hard to ignore.

    The real culprit here is not our urges, but the resistance to it. The resistance to acknowledging the urge. The reluctance to accept it, the tendency to reject it, this created complexities, energy blocks.

    The more we resist our urge, the more it persists, the manifestations of resistance happens through intense negativity, fetishes...Addicts finds that ejaculation is the most easy outlet, but the energy drain is taxing. Your intuition tells you something is not right. It is because we had failed to understand the energy.

    Looking back, I feel that every relapse and ejaculations were my body intuition telling , "This is NOT you, This is NOT you" until finally I began to deeply understand it. When you realize that you need to change your habits and find new avenues and you are guided by your willpower and other factors, you slowly starts realizing what you are.

    When you hit the gym or when you help someone or you do your duty, you feel that energy and that intuition that gives you a sense of reassurance...you feel like, "This is me"...you feel in sync with yourself.

    It all happens because when you accept what you are and what you are not, the energy block begin to disappear. Acceptance of your nature and the willingness to follow your deepest truths coupled with effortless effort propels you into a deeper state of well being and awareness. Habits that don't serve you begins falling off like dry leaves.

    As your energy state increases, you find it difficult to sink down, your intuition wants you not to go down. For example, if you had some level of improvement doing the reboot, you definitely don't want to relapse and lead a life the way you lived when you were deep in addiction. Assuming that it happened and you fell back into deeper shit, you will be a lot more motivated to spiral out from that low energy pattern. Because your intuition KNOWS that's NOT you. And you know that too. The energy loss will be much perceivable and you will long for the higher energy state and most probably your intuition coupled with your determination will lead you out of the negative spiral to more energized spiral.

    Thus, you begin to perceive a deep sense of stillness and energy within. The perception can be increased through meditation. You realize that when you are engaged in a state of vengeance or hatred, your energy begin to get blocked, You can sense that when you are in sync with yourself when you are doing something from your heart, maybe it is when you practice martial arts, may be it is when you write, maybe it is when you teach, or cook...It can be anything, it can be everything, you can sense that sense of balance, that sensation of free flowing energy, you can feel that when you are having a good time with your friend, you energies are in harmony, and sometimes, you feel an overwhelming sense of harmony and love that you can't help but share and spread it, the people around you get that vibes and they send these vibes back to you, you create a field of healing energy. Its a profound experience, short lived, but profound.

    For people like me, such experiences are short lived, because I got many blocks, I do not always listen to my intuitions, I sometimes resist, I lose my acceptance, I engage in compulsions. But I know there's this sense of centering and energy within me. It is like a compass that guides me, only when I'm relaxed and still can I access this energy flow.

    It is real for me...Yeah, I lose centering many times, but, I cannot just do certain things. When I talk ill about someone, I feel a downward life sucking energy, I just stop and change the topic of conversation. When I take a smoke because there are friends and I don't want to be the odd one out, I stop after a puff or two. Certain habits of mine like fidgeting, lip biting simply stopped.

    What I'm trying to tell is our job here is to perceive that energy flowing within, to get in sync with it.

    In my opinion, Napolean Hill's view of abstinence from sex is based on the assumption that men indulge in sex for self gratification. When you indulge in sex or masturbation mechanically, with selfish interest, without awareness, without complete acceptance, without joy, without communion with your centering and ejaculate, then there is a good chance your energy spirals downwards. On the other hand, when you masturbate or make love, with awareness, with complete acceptance, in sync with your energy, in total joy, where you can feel your partner's energy and your awareness rests on your partner and you move with a sense of deep love for her, whether you ejaculate or not, you have cleansed and revitalized your energy channels. Its just my experience, If you feel ejaculation has drained you, then listen to your intuition and act accordingly.

    You can masturbate or make love without ejaculation, and experience what is called 'brain orgasms' which is taught in the Taoist literature, You can find it in "Taoist secrets of cultivating male sexual energy" by Mantank Chia and also
    "The Enlightened Sex Manual- Sexual skill for the superior lover" by David Deida.

    I hope I could contribute something to this wonderful exchange of ideas! Cheers!!
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    @Salt & @black_coyote thanks so much for sharing such deep, hard earned wisdom and balanced advice.

    Really insightful and heart warming : )
  15. I think we must direct it before it even turns sexual. That energy came from somewhere and through your urges, it turns into sexual energy. But in those moments, energy is burnt and we lose some energy driving to divert the flow away from this sexual force. Instead, before we convert the energy we know our intent and intuition and self and put the energy down that path instead and then the energy is directed into performing these other purposes/actions better and cleaner without too much distraction. It’s much more efficient and sufficient.

    Hope this doesn’t sound hypocritical, but my belief is that the origin of this energy is our sex drive or whatever makes it drive. There’s consciousness and then there’s nature. We are nature circling around consciousness. Nature made us but consciousness is everything, but since we are from nature we must have some sort of nature in us naturally and that is the male and female love for each other which is driven by sex. That’s what drives us. Without that, there is no purpose. But what we really need is to balance our lives and divide this source of energy evenly or however we see fits for us, which is impossible nowadays for a plethora of reasons.
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    This is where all of the smart people are. I wonder why?.... perato priciple
  17. Indeed I read and practise the semen retention techniques in Mantaks book. It has helped me a lot, I highly recommend it.
    Semen is super precious and my life is only getting better by retaining and NoPMO
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  18. This is really insightful and useful. I agree that acknowledging the urge’ is something that is important, it is messenger telling us that we need to get moving and be creative. By realising we have a responsibility to help ourselves in this way, to respect and conserve our most fundamental primitive energy, we start to change and want to improve ourselves. I denied myself this responsibility for decades. But know, by growing up I am much happier to have the control I always wanted.
  19. Goo

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    Thank you. I felt this way too.
    Good to see others feel what I feel.

    We'll both enjoy our lives brother!
  20. I recommend you do not one mollion dollar point crap. It could blow your vessels. And do not breathe in random places or rewire energy randomly in the body. For it is a complex machine and easy to mess up. That guy is full of crap really. If you want benefits you need not lust for this creates its own hormones. If you do karrezza type just see it like exercise and love. You control yourself with breathig and mental concentration/control. Do not do one million dollar point or ither nonsense like breathe in your shoulders or legs. Its dangerous. Mantak is in for money. His knowledge is poorly researched and mot secret taoist stuff by long. Theres lots of general warnings of him on forums.

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