What does your avatar represent for you?

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  1. IGY

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    Apologies. The fact you said your avatar "represents my smile", sounded like it was just a picture of someone smiling. I suppose I would have said, "This is me smiling".
  2. Haha, mine constantly changes... :) Every week I focus on a lesson or a blessing that has influenced my journey. Whether it is from a sermon or a simple conversation that positively contributes to my journey...

    When I begun it reflected a mindset of overcoming and understanding that the glory of victory is greater than the price of quitting PMO.

    As my journey progressed my avatar has been about " controlling your thoughts", about "taking action and not just sitting around waiting for things to change", about "pushing yourself but not being too hard on yourself"...

    My avatar always motivates and inspires me... and if it can do that for me, it can certainly inspire other no_fapstronughts!

    I have recently been inspired by the phenomenal impact that a loyal AP can have on one's journey... So my current avatar reflects just that!

    Haha, and when anyone has an avatar that is of value; just know that I take heed and save it :)

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  3. s5284

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    A thumbs up with a smile is a nice, positive thing. So I thought that it might make other people feel good to see one.
  4. Unas

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    Mine represents Anubis, an ancient Egyptian deity of the underworld who acted as a judge as well as protector of the dead.
    I like the picture because of its simplicity and my interest in Egyptian mythology, but also because it looks like a mask which keeps me anonymous and symbolizes at the same time my intention of trying to be a critical and helpful member of the forum.
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  5. The inner fire that burns within all of us and that represents our true potential.
  6. SkinnyBeard

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    Mine represents style. Or call it attitude.

    Historical figures in contemporary hipster clothes. What can be better than that?

    Plus dat beard :rolleyes:
  7. Well mine represents how I'm anonymous. Ghillie suits are worn to help snipers blend in. PMO is my ghillie suit. And I hurt people. I blend in to the environment and nobody seems to notice how much I've screwed up and how many people I hurt.
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  8. MrBigA

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    Mines a celtic trinity knot.... Life, death.... rebirth!
  9. BecomingAlpha

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    Pretty self-explanatory, keep your hand off. But as we all know it's not always that simple lol.
  10. avatarivn

    avatarivn Fapstronaut

    My avatar is pretty much this : "C'mon PMO addiction. I am coming for you, and I won't lose!!!"
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  11. It reminds me that true love is like a beard, it never ends. It only grows.
  12. Is that actually a picture of you?
  13. Yeah.. Don't tell anyone lol
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  14. Hot Damn. You're sexy. I'm about to relapse to you right now.

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  15. Lmaoooooo
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  16. MrBigA

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    Oi! Behave... you're in therapy! :p
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  17. Hey I wouldn't need to fap if he would just get over here....
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  18. mlang284

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    I just really enjoy studying languages, as you can tell from the avatar. I like helping people with English, as they help me with French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Czech.
  19. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    A flower is beautiful, how I wish I saw myself.
    The rain represents tears.
    It's purple because of Prince, who died not long before I joined. "Purple Rain," has the line, "I never meant to hurt you," which is true of my husband.
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  20. mlang284

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    How creative and expressive! Thank you for sharing this reflection on your avatar.
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