What does your avatar represent for you?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by lifebythedrop, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. ILoathePwife

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    Thank you.
  2. lifebythedrop

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    Mine represents not knowing who I am anymore because of my husbands PMO. Identity loss.
  3. Ok I got a new avatar. There's a video game called Far Cry 3. My avatar is the player character, Jason Brody. The game is about how some "Preppy" kids go on vacation but end up getting captured by pirates and held for ransom. Jason escapes and the goal of the game is to rescue your friends. At first, Jason is soft. He has lots of emotional damage and what not. The cool part is that you get to see him evolve into a warrior. He becomes a survivor. I am at that warrior survivor stage. At first I was scared of doing nofap, the thought of never PMOing was hard. Now I have come to terms with it. I know I'll quit PMO.
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  4. fapequalsdeath

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  5. Gotbn

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    I have no avatar and it represents the thing I cherish most about nofap - anonymity. It represents the freedom I feel that I can be whoever I want and share whatever I want without the risk of anyone judging me or holding me accountable.
    That is why a man has become no one.
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  6. himmelstoss

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    I thought it was a bird until you said that
  7. SpotlessMind24

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    Defend AK Paris
    Defend inocent people which dont deserve to suffer, even if you must use a gun and maybe to be hurted yourself.
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  8. Jen@8675309

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    Either the sun setting on my past life of PMO or the sun rising on my new porn-free self. Also, flowers.
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  9. Rommel1

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    I like military,a lot.Its a thing that followed me whole life.Its mostly because my dad is in army.He never told to love or just like army,even told me to get away from it.This picture is random photo from traning,I thought its nice :)
  10. I change my avatar like every week lol. This one is from one of my favorites, a game called Fallout: New Vegas. After a nuclear war devestates the Earth in an alternate reality, you must brave the wastes. You play as The Courier. You are hired to deliver a platinum chip to the New Vegas strip but are intercepted and shot in the head by theives. You must track them down and get the chip back. There are many factions vying for control of New Vegas. There's Mr.House and his robots, Ceaser's Legion and The New California Republic. My avatar is a veteran ranger of the NCR. The veteran ranger armor is my favorite in the game.
  11. Star Lord

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    That I'm fucking broken and need repentance of my soul
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  12. WarriorScarr

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    Mine basically represents my warrior attitude. I also like it because it's actually a shadow of the warrior in the background which I like to think is my PMO habit I'm leaving behind
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