What does your name mean and does it relate to you?

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  1. AngelofDarkness

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    I thought size matters not, master yoda?

    My name means "to be strong, healthy, brave" in Latin. I could definitely use these qualities right now.
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    Lol....Robin and Batgirl should join Belle classes
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    That's interesting that you chose the feminized version of your given name. Was there a reason for that? Most trans people I know just choose a completely different name that they like, even when there given name could be feminized or is already gender-neutral.
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  4. Kenzi

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    I always wanted a daughter named Jamey.
    ^^this spelling. Didn't work out that way... But i think it's the best name
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  5. Castielle

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    My favorite name for a girl is Anastasia, but damn 50 Shades of Grey ruined it. :/ hopefully by the time I ever have a daughter that'll be old news, because my husband really likes that name too.
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    I hope so too... That movie is stupid.
  7. Agreed.
  8. My name is. Caleb and depending on the origin, it means bold, faith, and wholehearted.
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    I just googled mine and it means God like. Fuck yeah!
    Which Robin are you most like? My guess would be Jason todd.
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  10. hardowner

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    My name means "similar to God" or "connected with the God"...
  11. ├Revenant┤Lucid

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    [Hindu] = Highborn

    [Greek] = Immortal

    Birth name is Arian Thadeu.
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  12. The MAN returns!!!!! YAyeeeeee
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    My name is Brent. It's a Celtic word that means "hill".

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    "triumphant", " victorious"

    Yes that's me.
  15. I've got a norse name, it means "commander" or "ruler". My father chose it based on some viking.

    I, of course, am the pinnacle of manliness, a ruler of many worlds, give me a hammer and I'll let thunder and lightning revolve around the earth, making the atmosphere shake in awe of my limitless power! Needless to say my name fits me perfectly!
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  16. Grrrrrrrr....Marry me!!! LOL :)
    Great post 0_o
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  17. Mine is a Norse name and means “eternal ruler”.

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  18. You do!!!
    @Kenzi is MY Mom!!! :emoji_heart_eyes:
  19. Hi @Castielle , thanQ for the question; sorry for the late response, I have been distracted on other things.
    Actually, my childhood family nickname was to call me Jamie (for James) and it stuck. So when I became aware of my own identity and began to make pretty significant changes at a very young age, I thought about "What 'girl name' do I want?"
    But as I thought about it more, I realized I wasn't needing a "girl name", as I really just felt like I was releasing the real ME anyway by choosing to live as my deeply-rooted and perfectly natural feminine persona. Also, I wasn't trying to leave my family and identity behind, so a variation of my birth name given by my parents was perfect for me ---- it was respectful to not change it AND I actually liked the common thread of life that my name represented to me and my family and my friends. So I stayed as Jamie. My drivers license has on it Jamie and my ID is Female (and my picture is actually almost cute --- but I had to talk the guy at Texas DOT to allow 4 pics to get it right!!! LOL)
    I think some of that is, for many, quite natural as they are trying to bury the past or the identity of their former selves.'
    Me? I was just accepting that my "former self" was just the same old me, just not in a boys (or soon-to-be mans) role.

    I hope that is kinda clear in explaining it.
    I did think of other names too ---- but I ended up with lil' ol' me : JAMIE
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  20. OMG either are PERFECT!!! ;)
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