What does your name mean and does it relate to you?

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  1. You = ROCK
    Me = PAPER
    @Kenzi = SCISSORS
  2. ;) really?
    You figure out how to promote your junk w such a simple question?
    Men o_O, ya gotta hand it to 'em .... they never miss a shot!!

    My Vietnamese given-name means "Shield of Deflation", or "Wall of Deflection", or even "Collector of Spears".....meaning anyone with "Spear Strength" is up against more than his match as I can DEFLATE, DEFLECT or just COLLECT that cute little Spear of yours and put it in the bin with all the others that went before.....

    ...or maybe it means none of those things! :emoji_kiss::emoji_high_heel::emoji_eyes:
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  3. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Totally makes sense! Thanks for the response. I think that makes sense if you have a good relationship with your family and dont want to completely separate yourself as "past Jamie" and "future Jamie."
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  4. ThanQ :)
    Yeah, that is the beauty of it for me. I have been very lucky keeping family and friends intact ---- so many girls lose everyone as they transition. Me? Everyone is still in my life in a really healthy way.
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  5. Castielle

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    That's really great :)
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  6. lucentio

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    Lucentio is a character in The Taming of the Shrew, a play written by William Shakespeare. I love The Bard.
  7. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    ^Quote corrected!
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  8. I have a traditional western style title so; first, middle, last.
    My first name means God has head
    My middle name means Defender of the people
    My last name means Someone who lives in a small valley (kek)
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  9. risk_taker

    risk_taker Fapstronaut

    My name means God heals from Hebrew. It's true, God has healed many through miraculous feats and is helping everyone along this journey we are all on known as life. I'm excited to grow and strive my best to become a role model for others.
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  10. Eleanor

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    My real name is Rosa Maria (translated as Rose Mary). Rose is "flower" in Latin and Maria is "eminence" in Hebrew= eminent flower. I totally love it and I relate myself to it as a reminder that I'm ought to do great things in life.
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  11. My name is Marko
    the god of war! pretty cool
  12. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    I don't know about the middle or last, but apparently my first name's origin derives from Hebrew and it means princess/noble woman. I don't know if there was a reason why it was picked, but I love it regardless.
  13. Brain-Police

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    Last name means a place that's rich of plants. My first name don't mean dick
  14. Is your real name Sarah? If so, i didn't know that. That's pretty cool.
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  15. Little Bo Peep

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    Yeah it is! Luckily speech wise it's hard for people to mess up. lol
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  16. True enough. I sometimes have a hard time with Caleb and that isn't even that hard.
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  17. Bjarni Herjolfson

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    My name means "fair haired warrior" in some Celtic language. Guess how long my hair is?
  18. seaguy44

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    My name and middle names are so common. My name is #1 for boys for decades in America.

    I even met another boy at 7th grade that shares all 3 names with me: first, middle and last!
  19. First name is derived from greek and means "protector of the people" or some sort of defender. I guess it's not too far away since i care for the well-being of humans quite vehemently sometimes, but my "protection" has mostly remained in my mind and my worries.

    My last name has no known origins and this just started to frustrate me :emoji_sweat_smile:
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  20. Reuby

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    Hi Peter, I like it. :)
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