What drug withdrawal is PMO withdrawal closest to?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Lstri, Feb 15, 2021.

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    I would like to know more about what Im going through then I can find on NoFap forums, Im guessing cocain withdrawal might be the closest, what do you think?

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    You are a newbie, so, you have a bit to go before understanding your brain.

    The question is not especially valid, or, to put it another way, it skews the science we know. This is not being critical; it takes time to study the problem and understand there is no such thing as "porn addiction." That phrase was used in the beginning, when after the invention of High Speed Internet Porn, people started noticing the problem. What is addictive is the brain reward event we can use porn to trigger.

    First, you do not withdraw from PMO. Nor are you addicted to PMO. Everyone here is addicted to a brain reward event we use PMO to achieve, and that is a dopamine high. There are other things going on in the brain than just a dopamine high, but it is the dopamine high that is addictive, and it is the dopamine high you crave when withdrawing.

    Further down the rabbit hole, a brain reward event is the addictive event in ALL addictions. It feels good. It may feel good in a bit different way depending on what the user is using to get it, but underlying all addictions, is a dopamine reward. Those here use PMO to get that, but it can be gotten naturally with, at least, sex, sexual thoughts, seeking sex, anticipating sex, and all the same for eating. We invented chemical triggers too, such as tobacco, alcohol, and, yep, drugs. We have already figured out how to electronically stimulate rat brains with direct electrical input, so doing that to ourselves is probably not far behind.

    Withdraws suck, and they probably don't suck much more or less depending on what trigger you are giving up. One thing about dopamine withdrawals, and this is true for tobacco and gambling withdrawals, is that the withdrawals will not/can not kill you. Sure, you are going to feel like you are dying, but the withdrawals will not kill you. Alcohol, heroin, opioids, withdrawals from them can kill.
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    Have you tried to quit coffee? That times 100 but without the crampling headaches.
  4. Couldn't tell you really since I've never rebooted long enough to experience any type of withdrawal from porn; I don't even know if there is a such a thing. I can tell you opiate withdrawals and cocaine withdrawals are absolutely horrible.
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    You just get restless/anxious, find it hard to concentrate or even talk to your family or friends at times. It comes in waves every now and then but doesn't last too long and it feels great once you get through it. I think the biggest pang is feeling like you need to relieve something which ties into being anxious. But yeah it's easy enough to ride it out. Once your mind is set, porn isn't actually that hard of an addiction to kick. Good luck dude.
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