What Exactly is a Higher Power ?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Shakermaker, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Not sure where to post this so thought I would try here.

    When I have read about addiction and 12 Step this term always appears.

    Now I'm not religious but this terms regularly seems to be turning to god, but ultimately referring to a power greater than ones self.

    For those who aren't religious does this mean something to you ?
  2. Hros

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    I'm religious, but I understand that many people that believe in God also define themselves as not religious. Being religious means keeping a certain religion.
    A higher power could also possibly mean some kind of driving force in the universe, perhaps nature as a whole and such.
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  3. Infrasapiens

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    Gabe Newell is the Hightest Power.
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    Usually a being that knows everything that has, and will happen, and has the ability to influence any outcome they want. Sometimes taken to mean giving up control of our lives "To God be the glory." Accepting that we can't overcome this on our own, that we need a higher being to set up just the right circumstance for us to be able to change.
    Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be true, God, if there is any leaves us to make our own choices.
  5. Pepezapallito

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    El termino poder superior se usa en los programas de 12 pasos porque son programas espirituales y no religiosos. El poder superior puede ser cualquier cosa que la persona puede llegar a creer, puede ser el grupo, un padrino, la naturaleza, viajar, el dios que sea, pero en los grupos solo decimos que ese poder superior tiene q ser de amor. Nada más!
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  6. The 2nd time I went to rehab, a lot of it was based on AA and NA and all that. There was a chemist there, who was an atheist, and after a while he came up with the idea of energy as a higher power. He knew it existed and that it was greater than himself. Mine was my conscience and after a while I chose the universe because it kinda did create me, in a way.
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