What girls find attractive in guys?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by MrCharacter, Aug 22, 2015.

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    To clarify, yes your post has been deleted as it was reported to be inappropriate by another user. Not only have you used inappropriate language, such as in these quotes(below), your comments may be interpreted as shallow and misogynistic, behavior which is generally discouraged on this forum.
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    By reading this thread, there is two things catching my eye (please don't get me wrong I am heavily simplifiing what people have posted here I suppose but I feel it's appropriate in order point to what I really mean):
    1. there seems to be a lot of focus on "getting into a relationship" and "how can I manage to get that ticked of"
    2. only very few of the content of this post is pointing to the real core of it: Love
    It seems I am considerately older than most people here, but maybe it helps in this case just to talk from a perspective with a little more live experience.

    What I can say is:
    Those who who keep involving themselves in superficial, changing relationships (or just keep themself busy chasing such) are not available for true and deep love!

    I am totally not saying that (especially younger people) should not gather experience with different partners and try things out. That is really everybodies own call. However, I believe it is still important to be aware that there is a difference between the two things:
    - superficial relationships
    - true (deeply felt) love

    I had a period in my live as well where I was chasing changing relationships but, I realized that this kept me unavailable for real love.

    Not meaning to be moralistic, just sharing my personal experience ;-)
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    Guys, I just relapsed! Oh well time to restart!
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    I've set new targets. 1) Reach 30 days which will take me to Jan 15 2016 then 2) reach 60 days which takes me to feb 16 and finally reach the reboot goal of 90 days which will take me to march 16.
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    While I agree that @firdi could have been more tactful in his choice of words, there are few things I dislike more than censorship. I remember reading Huckleberry Finn in class.... not the original but the censored version. If I recall correctly "N***** Jim" just read "Jim". This is not a discussion of whether we agreed with what they said, only that we saw it for what was truly written.

    In the case of @firdi 's comment, I really think we should be able to come to our own conclusion on the comment. I understand that the wording (only from what I can see) was borderline literary erotica and trying to fit women into horrible stereotypes that are, in my opinion, clearly not true, but we're all adults here. We have to learn that other people's opinions aren't more are less valuable than our own; they just are.
  6. Yes, we are all adults here... We're also all porn addicts who can be very easily triggered by types of language and statements he was using/saying. The rules of the site are pretty clear that the moderators can use their judgement to remove things that might be a hindrance to others, and I don't think they abuse that power. They're not going around saying nobody can swear or anything. The comment that was removed, in its entirety, was very graphic.

    I'm sorry but a team of moderators on a website that basically says "we reserve the rights to delete your comments or account if you don't follow the rules" is not the same thing as "censorship."
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    No need to be sorry. You are right. Moderating is different than censorship. Thank you for clearing that up.
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    1. The female conscious mind believes the guy with beta qualities is most attractive (kind, considerate, good listener, best friend, good around the house, good with children etc etc.)
    2. The female unconscious mind finds the guy with alpha qualities most attractive (strong, confident, a leader, a provider, a protector, decent socially status etc etc)

    In today's world, a man should have BOTH qualities to be most attractive to women.
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    never ask a woman what find attractive on guys.

    A woman logically will say what she thinks that she like,


    emmotionally they always will love and goes with the sex-worthy asshole guy
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    Where did you pull this whopper from? You need to get out more and talk to girls.
    Sure our porn saturated culture has had an impact on women too but, you have to look in the right places. Not bars or clubs with women as shallow as we are here on this website.
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    In my humble opinion, I can safely say that women are attracted by:

    2. good manners
    3. sense of humor

    Even if you're not attractive, but you're still well-groomed and you have this attitude about you that says you know your worth and have your head held high, then, that's it.
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    @yoyo1 I think you said it best .... Woman's taste in men are changing to more healthy, model like and super hero looks .... Even in the porn industry it has changed from the guys with mustache and chubby and hairy body to a nice hottie with a body eg; Seth Gamble also money some woman can be shallow as well :(
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    You only attract what you are. If you're a bad person, you'll attract bad people to you. If you're a happy-go-lucky type, you'll attract fun people.

    All in all, I can't tell you what a girl finds attractive about a guy. I've talked to several different girls and they gave me several different answers. It's kind of vague question like "what it means to be a man". Ask 10 different guys what it means to be a man, you get 10 different answers.

    Best advice is to just keep on the path of self-improvement. You'll find hobbies you like and you'll find things you don't like. Within that spectrum of hobbies, you'll find some girls who like the same things you do. It's a good starting point...

    The more you develop the best version of yourself, the more see-through the bullshit becomes. When you ask questions like that, it comes off as insecure and girls are good at picking this up. Some of them, not all, will use this to their advantage. It's usually the case when you have to ask, you are lost. If you are lost, predators are around and they'll take advantage of you. Be wary of the type of girl you ask this question to. Take care and keep building yourself.
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  14. Good stuff! :) Especially that second paragraph. These kinds of questions attempt to put something (women's personalities) into a neat little box, and that simply can't be done. We are all different, unique, special people with different interests and desires.
  15. Most important thing for women, which they look in men is "Net worth".
    The more money you have the more attractive you are.

    Bill gates is the most attractive man in the world.
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    I actually find tall, big, hairy men very attractive. My taste has changed ALOT but it has changed fairly recently, I'm not attracted to muscular men. They look good but not in a "wow" way, different people for different tastes. Diversity is beautiful :)

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