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  1. I will look into it, nonetheless no matter what you have conflicting claims, some people have claimed to be in the muslim heaven others the christian, ect. Thanks anyway dude if you have any testimony links you can link me to that would be great.
  2. God is a construct of the human imagination.

    Everyone conjures up their own meaning even when the holy books say otherwise. That's not how it works.

    God is for people who can't handle the reality that this is all there is. You can't handle it can you?
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    I think it is your kind who can't handle the reality. Statics show its mostly your kind of people who commits suicide then "ours".
  4. An atheist that commits suicide? I couldn't think of anything more stupid, other than your made up statistic and calling me "my people", lol, I was at Richard Dawkins seminar and I seen upper class people there to be proud of. People that value this life. Educated and happy people. Not (adult) children living a fantasy.

    The only truth is in science Mr truth seeker. But I wish you luck on your quest. If you find it, let me know. ;)
  5. As in why do we live, is that what your asking? Can you specify.
  6. Procreation. To keep the species alive. But that doesn't help you does it?

    You gotta get your act together man. See a psychologist, and your user name isnt good, its a constant reminder. Try get a better outlook on life. The best advice I can help you with is to find hope in the future.

    Also write out every stress you have. Have a list on your computer and work on the biggest issue until you worked it out 150%. Seek help where you cant. If you need a skill get a kindle paperwhite or download the kindle app and start buying books off amazon to learn the what and how but then you have to apply it.

    Why not do those two or three things I said, you got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    1. Find hope in the future
    2. Write a list of all your stresses and work on the biggest issue 150% before you move on to the next
    3. See a psychologist for professional help
    4. Buy kindle books off amazon on any subject you need or want

    Otherwise, watch porn, jerk off, play games, watch TV and stay miserable

    5. Exercise man. 6 days a week. Walk an hour a day. If not, just exercise 20 minutes 3 times a week, it will change your life and make you feel better.
  7. Don't worry about religion and just do what I said. I gave you my time trying to help you and now your just going to ignore it like a dumb ass? Your not going to find better advice on this forum ever.

    I didn't say holly books don't want people to procreate, I said people read the bible and come up with there own interpretations and you cant do that. Not by my book. You gotta take it for what it is and let me tell you something brah, religion and god cant help you? Is that clear? If its not you need to spend some time thinking about it because if god could help you it would have been done. What ever happens in your life is your responsibility, good and bad and sometimes its just luck and shit happens but the rest of it you earned or neglected, like my advice. You gotta do the hard things to get the results man. Preying is too easy. There is no god that rewards the good.
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