What happends to the sperm when you edge without ejaculating?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Zinc, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Zinc

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    I've been wondering about this for a while, what happends to all the cum if you edge without cumming?
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  3. Zinc

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    I guess no one can answer this.
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    Seems to me (and this is just a wild guess) that your body probably wastes energy producing it, but doesn't expel it, so it sits in your groin area until it's expelled. To me it seems like the worst thing you can do. You've used up all your body's resources in producing it to begin with, but have then not 'cleaned the pipes' by expelling it.
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    I wonder what happends during edging from a muslim standpoint too, what does Islamic researchers say about edging?
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  7. Masquerade

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    The sperm cells get re absorbed if not ejaculated.And most of them get destroyed also. The sperm cells are produced in the testes and got matured at Epidermis where it is temporarily stored and provided nutrition. When about to ejaculate it will move through the Vas-Deferense to the tip of penis. And many secretions are poured on the way. If you edge mostly the sperm cells may get damaged and died and the survivors may get re absorbed again. Correct me if anythings' wrong
  8. richie3846

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    Sounds accurate to me. I'm no doctor mind you!

    Steel Fury has hit on something I'd not considered. Edging is sending signals for your brain to produce more semen. Then your body has to do double work by reabsorbing, if you don't ejaculate. Plus, I wonder if edging sends a signal for the body to continue to produce more fluid, as your brain is now expecting to need more, at least in the short term. I'm certain my body has adjusted supply and demand. I'm on day 40ish (stopped counting now) of hard mode. I can feel a cycle of increased fluid (discomfort, probably in the prostate), followed by a decrease as my body is regulating the amount of fluid in there. I've had no wet dreams, and I put this down to the fact that I haven't teased myself with edging, and sexual thoughts have been quickly brushed aside.
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    I noticed that if get a good sleep wake up edge while in bed I’ will fall asleep then wake up refreshed edge again then fall asleep so I think it’s like internly master bating if I’m in car and edge and go out I’ll get crumpy cus it wastes energy so you want to sleep know not sure where sperm gos but if it makes me tired then it’s prolly getting wasted some where or pissed out if it gets reabsorbed later then maybe but can’t prove that part 100 unless their is an experiment done by scientist
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    It gets our later on when you pee and it makes you feel like sh...
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    Exactly happening to me
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    Other than sperm, your entire body will use hell lot energy in an aroused state and release lots of good/bad fluids in the brain. No matter what, you'll do it again and keeps doing it for next days... So you actually have use a lot more energy than you will do in normal 2 minutes relapse.
    I use to do this last year. Edge for 2-3 days and get sick at the end. Now I don't want that shit anymore.
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    I don't think there are statements about edging, but more about masturbation itself. Edging is actually worse than masturbating and getting over it. You shower your brain with dopamine and cheat your body systems to get some good feelings. From an islamic perspective, I ask you, do you think it's proper to do this? What is your reason to stop PMO and what do you want do acomplish, increase your spirituality or mental benefits? I tell you from one muslim to another, the harder you try, the better you will feel. Even if you feel shittier at the start, you will realize what is coming up is a kind of cleansing. Listen to your heart. Take care brother.
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    You guys do realise that this thread was made in 2015 right?

    When you add to that the fact that none of the participants have been active for at least a year now, I fail to understand the point of bumping ancient posts like these.
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    Make it alive again :D

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