What happens after 90days of hardmode?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by greg0ry, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. greg0ry

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    Hi team,

    I have been on this journey since the start of this year pretty much and at first varied with success.... On my latest attempt I am now on DAY 68. WHAT. of nofap hardmode.... I do feel some of the benefits and overall I am very happy of my progress so far.

    I am just curious for those of you nofappers that have gone beyond 90 days (hardmode or not), what strategies did/do you have to prevent from relapsing.

    For me, sometimes I feel like I am just holding on until I hit 90 and then I fear a really bad relapse. Sure it is easy enough to say hey lets do another 90 days.... but actually doing it is another thing.

    I suppose I am also saying..... I am not sure I am convinced that the benefits I have noticed are big enough to eliminate PMO from my life forever. I suppose that is the addiction talking.

    Any thoughts/advice? Thanks, much appreciated!
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  2. Thechosenone

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    Keep going, keep building your life in new and better ways! If you were to go back into the cycle of PMO you will get addicted again pretty easily and the momentum of growth in your life will stop and you'll question yourself again - its not worth it! Easiest route to take from there on is to be wary of Psubs, because theyre the 'harmless' images that can get us back into old non productive habits!

    Stay clean and enjoy life, if you can get a woman to share the vision- even better! My goal is to keep growing, keep working out, keep reading, keep walking meditating until It becomes who I am. Eventually i'll get a girlfriend who can share this vision with me that i'm aiming to build
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  3. Mean Machine

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    I'm on day 42 at the moment and i'm never looking back man, it's just not worth it to me. Nofap has changed my life for the better.
  4. iborntobefree

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    I have had 2 times 4 months pmo free, the last one was like 3 years ago. Since then my longest streak was I think like 50 days. What I have seen in those really long streaks was that I felt really free, I mean FREE in the best and deepest meaning of the word. I didn't had to hide my porn use from anyone, because I had none in that time. I could also talk more freely about my porn use which in I thought was gone. Unluckily I was wrong, but don't give up, don't let it win against you when you're over your 90 days! It would be like you would won the game, so you don't care about it anymore, but this is not a game! It is YOUR life and it's really worth the fight, even if we fail again and again! Why do you want to through those 90 days away?If it's only a challenge for you, why don't you challenge yourself further and see if you can get to day 120-150-300 and so on? There is always a next level. I'm at day 2 today, but I really wan't to get to day 600, where I can consider that I have my pmo addiction behind me. But I will never reach that point if I don't fight my fight every day and don't lay that small brick of the moment as perfectly as I can. And slowly that huge Wall of my 600 bricks will be there. Of course I don't want to destroy it if I invested so much energy in building it. Keep up the good fight :)
  5. HomeAlone

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    Im on Day 30 and post a similar question. No reply yet. I felt confident at first then a few days ago I felt like I was on my first week and fighting urges like crazy. Will the urge go away? I guess we'll have to keep going to find out..

    Im also looking for input from ppl who went beyond 90.
  7. Don't fight the urges though. Let them in, they're trying to tell you something and it's nothing to do with sex. When you let it all in and don't try to masturbate the urges away, you get to find out what's really behind them. And that's great information about yourself to have.
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  8. DaleTipsUp

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    Im currently on day 88. The benefits is that i currently have a lot of female friends and Ive flirted with 3 girls at the same time. My confidence is the best its ever been in my entire life, im more ambitious, and making friends and influencing people is super easy to me. Im never fapping again and i was on this streak before i even officially joined this site. What helped me the most is looking and reading the success forums. Life for me socially is fucking awesome but im still working on finding my direction in life like what to do after highschool is over.
  9. HomeAlone

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    Thanks you hit the nail on the head! You are absolutely right. The urges were telling me I had to deal with other issues in my life. I know now when I start to get urges I need to take it easy and focus what Im trying to avoid whether it be facing my thought or taking action on the things I fear..
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  10. atak

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    Go for 180 days if 90 days is not working. If 180 days is not working try 360 days. Easy as that.
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  11. britaxe

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    @HomeAlone I've fought the urges since day one. Sometimes encouraged them too. I find it very powerful to be able to resist them and not cave in ending up fapping like crazy in a dopamine bath. Just imagine telling people how long you resisted the urge having total self control. That to me is awesome.
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  12. greg0ry

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    @britaxe - I like you also enjoy telling people about my nofap journey and how long I haven't fapped. The look on their faces!!! But then I don't go into details about how it was so bad for me before because they don't know that side so I suppose the faces make sense.

    @DaleTipsUp - congrats on almost hitting 90!! I can only hope to feel similarly. I def noticed an increase in confidence but I think I expected more.

    Thank everyone for adding to this thread - always good to hear other opinions and stories. Also this shows that perhaps 90 isn't just it. It definitely extends beyond that in many forms..... and different people will have different experiences post 90. For some reason I thought it would be a big change/shift nearing 90 but I see now that I was approaching it in my mind differently.

    Continue on!
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  13. Hi @greg0ry
    the 90th day is just a threshold we put in our reboot, and the recommended time to go hard mode (no sex at all).
    In my case, I had sex with my wife twice during the first 90 days. Although it gets hard, it is the best way to start rewiring your brain out from porn.
    After those 90 days, it is believed that most of the rewiring already happened.
    In my case, I would say that it took a bit longer, I REALLY forgot about watching porn around the fourth month.
    I do not have urges to watch porn any longer (it is like I cannot believe now how much time I spent doing it), but I still struggle with urges of fapping using my fantasies.
    I do not think that this will go away any time soon, the difference with time is that you master in getting rid of these urges immediately and moving forward with your day, instead of staying fixed in that urge or temptation.
    Hope this helps
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  14. fapoholic23

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    Absolutely. I started looking at images as they were "harmless" ... that was over a year ago and I've only just got back here after hitting some serious emotional lows from PMO.
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