What happens after u quit P but not M&O

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Negan©, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Negan©

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    Yo fam..i started hardmode on dec 8,2020 and relapsed on day 17..after that i decided to mke it my new year resolution to go hardmode.. But i couldnt.. But the interesting thi g here is the massive increase in my libido which was initially zero, just by quitting porn.. I masturbate everyday by fantacising but i dont touch my phone while i do it..sometimes i get morning erections too..its all true mates..porn is mindfucking us all..imagine what all benefits will come to me when i go on a hardmode streak..and yes today is DAY 1..
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    All the best to you..
    Yes P is the main culprit in PMO. That is unnatural. Hopefully when you remove P, the remainder M and O are natural and should not degrade the functioning of the neurochemicals in your mind. Our mind is not made for P, while it's ok with M and O.
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    Good luck!! we are all here to support you!! you gonna make it!!!
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    In my opinion, the most harmful aspect of watching porn is the super-powerful orgasms it makes you have. Your "non-porn" orgasms probably aren't as powerful, but are still much worse than having a wet dream. Even a wet dream drains your vital fluids when you come, so if you're still hitting that brain drain, you're still harming yourself. Everybody has a different addiction level though and it's important to take small, consistent steps forward no matter where you're at. If you've conquered porn, the next step is to conquer hardmode. It's the hardest step, but also gives you the most benefits and superpowers as well. Nothing else really compares to hardmode. Just keep making progress and TRACK your streaks with an app of some sort. I use a basic goal tracker in the google play store. Keep trending upwards bro, keep setting personal records.
  5. Negan©

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    Dude, ur name reminds of someone
    Anyways..thanx for the intel brother.
  6. Ali91

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    Yesterday. I couldn't calm my lipido. I've been PMO free for over 40 days.
    during those days I regained my rock hard erections, morning woods, bed time woods.
    Although I wasn't in the addiction level during my porn use, but it still hurts me. I watched porn maybe once or twice a week and only for a few minutes before sleeping to MO on it.
    Yesterday I had to mastrubate twice to some porn scene in my mind that always made me horny. but luckily I didn't do it with porn. I purely used my imagination. It sucks I had to break my 40 days of no MO. but it still better than if I had to do it with porn. And BTW I had killer urges to watch porn yesterday so I know it really screwed my mind.
  7. Negan©

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    Go champ.. Ur awesome for having a streak of 40..
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    Did you ever tried M Lucille? With that barbed whire looks difficult and painful

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