What happens to the nofap benefits after visiting a prostitute?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Eddy132, Nov 9, 2019.

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    If you are addicted to porn, you may have some predispositions to addiction. Porn is devastating to people’s lives. An addiction to prostitutes can cause more damage faster and with more risks to physical health. Having been in recovery programs for 10 years, I can count several dozen men who were addicted to prostitutes and massage parlors and can say that it ruined relationships in irredeemable ways. All of these men started the behavior when they were single and were unable to stop permanently when they were with a partner. Maybe one or two didn’t lose their marriage or relationship permanently.

    be careful when playing with fire.
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    You just cant handle the force of truth.

    No, im a peaceful guy.
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    Whatever you Say Joel Osteen.
  4. “to get used to it”?


    What magically happens after 90 days according to your understanding?

    Have you visited an escort/prostitute before ?

    are prostitutes super sex objects ?

    Are normal girls not sexual (enough)?

    Is Social anxiety not preset with prostitutes ? How did you come to this assumption ?

    You imply Social anxiety is only present with normal girls ? How do you know that?

    Allow me be gentle here my friend, I see a lot of premises in your opening statement that show you suffer from both ignorance and incongruent logic.

    It’s a good question nevertheless. I would say the “benefits” may not exist after 90 days —- it may take +40 weeks.

    Do you identify as a sex addict ? Or just a porn addict ? Nofap is based around porn addiction primarily and I would encourage you to deepen your scope if you wish to understand and resolve the threads that are sexual in nature.

    There is a reason you WANT what you want. Find that out for you.

    Use the truth of your life and painful reality to assess your pain. Why do you use sex to deal with life?

    Answer that. The symptoms are sex addiction. So what?

    Ask yourself what starts the hamster wheel of addiction for you.

    Feelings of Inadequacy?
    Anxiety ?

    sex addiction is not about sex.
    The benefits of nofap are also not limited to sex.
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    well you are christian and your religion does not allow you to do that, they tell you it is a taboo. I respect your opinion and im a christian too,however i visit prostitutes and i dont think it is bad... we are adults and we need to have fun sometimes and there is nothing wrong with enjoying sex with hookers. basically we exploring different girls ...
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    so what are you doing? i mean you dont fap anymore either??
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    If i have sex with a normal girl after 90 days of abstaining i am probably going to cum after a minute or so, thats why i wanted to visit a hooker because then i wouldt be ashamed if i came to quik.
    And i wanted to know if doing this will ruin any of the benefits that you are supposed to get ( im now on day 7 , and the 90 days thing is just what i read all over this forum thats why i wrote "after 90 days")

    And yes i have visited a prostitute once before (legal in Belgium) and it was 1 year ago (its not something i would see myself doing alot)
  8. Do you have pied ?

    If you abstain you will have tons of cum. You will be very sensitive. It’s the equivalent of working out and getting strong for 3 months.

    coming quickly or slowly is more about you learning how to have sex— not about your partner/ prostitute. Lots of guys never cum with prostitutes.

    Plus—90 days is not a guarantee. You might not have a full reset depends on your bodies needs to replenish itself.
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    I just went to one, DO NOT GO! It was a relapse. Completely empty experience, might as well have fapped. So now i am back to zero.

    Real sex is authentic. Unless you are very naive and inexperienced, you will know that she is simply doing a job. She isnt invested. Especially after fucking god knows how many guys before you came. You are just one in a line.

    Authentic sex has real passion, emotions... those are some of the aspects we HAVE to get turned on by, because porn addiction has taught us that sex is purely visual and physical... and so we increase these aspects until we get desensualised.

    A hooker is essentially fapping with a flesh made blowup doll.
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    Cant recommend prostitutes/escorts too, without intimacy and warmth it pretty much same as masturbation. Can you imagine yourself kissing a prostitute, cuddling?
    things that should be part of sex really. Some would offer "GFE", but even then its nowhere close. Its a more expensive form of self gratification that also has moral implications where you contribute to a pretty evil industry.
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    If you go to a prostitute, all your non-existant superpowers will still be non-existant, so be careful.
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  12. It's not act of having sex with prostitute that is the problem it's the motivation and that is pervertion if you are enjoying the other person and they are enjoying you then why should there be problem whether it's paid for or not it's all about the experience and connecting when you have a goal and expected outcome it becomes ugly .
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  13. I have witnessed plenty of guys including myself that are married or dating that pay for sex . Like buying their wife or gf
    a new car fancy vacations cloths ect to me that is ugly . It's just a fancy form of prostution. Connecting with another human is much more satisfying then just sex. Everyone needs money so what's the problem just don't over spend for anything you can't afford even if your married. Many marriages go down the tubes we're the husband continues to over spend on his wife.
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  14. A post we're someone can save $ or have reason not to spend money is popular .
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    I'd not be worried about my non-existent superpowers, I'd be worried about fucking up my mind, relationships, conscience, wallet, health, life and picking up another addiction, and trashing all my efforts to abstain from M by now replacing it with the much greater evil of whores.
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    Taking away the christian angle of the argument, even from a eastern "energy" point of view (if you believe the stuff), we are talking about not just the merging of physical bodies but the energy of 2 people. Not just your dick that will get joined but whatever personal energy she carries and has accumulated from the hundreds of people that has merged with her, you will be exposed to. Supposedly, when there is sex between 2 people with real passion and emotion, the "light" energy protects from the negative stuff (which we all have) and adds to the 2 people involved, like some kind of radiant energy. When it is just a physical act, there is no protection and you are exposed to the whatever negative energy she carries. It may be subtle at first, so you can say "oh, i f*cked a prostitute and it was alright, nothing happened" but if you go on, the negative energy will accumulate and the result is usually not good. Those who are more spiritually/energetically sensitive, even if the f*cking was good but you would feel a sort of uneasy "weight" in your soul. It is not the same feeling as good sex with someone that you have real passion/emotion with.

    Also someone mentioned that we are predisposed to addiction, thats why we are here. Visiting pros will open up another road to temptation for you. I "love" escorts but am stopping everything including porn because they are carry negative shit when we can use our energy to elevate ourselves and how we use our time productively. When i am horny and giving in, I lie to myself and say "f*cking an escort is not as bad as pmo, after all it is real sex" but in truth, it is just another way to overcome my lack of focus/boredom/loneliness/current reality etc and will lead me to the same f*cked up road. And of course like porn, after awhile i am looking for more hardcore escorts, more deviant acts.

    I am looking for strength to overcome this easy escort option/temptation. I hope by denying my brain porn and escorts, it will have no choice but to work with me to go up to a level where I can get some real women so that we (my brain and i) can both be satisfied in a positive way.
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  17. I definitely agree with whiteflag integrity to your entire system must stay intact to function at its full potential . But just because they are not escorts and regular women doesn't make them any better . A true act of love a kindness can be exchanged with an escort that can be felt from man to women and a dirty lustful negative exchange can happen from non working women .
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    "To practice"? You're supposed to practice with the partner you want to be with, so you can both learn about each other and get better together. Open and honest communication is key. You are supposed to make mistakes, laugh it off, discover each other, that's the beauty of healthy relationships. Don't... go to a prostitute for practice, that's not how it works.
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    I'm a person who has done it. And my personal advice is to not do it but I will say that everyone is different. I felt like shit after visiting a hooker. I have friends that fuck hookers all the time and don't feel any way about it. I've visited hookers twice and I definitely will not do it again. It is on the no-go list. Along with porn and fapping.
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    I'm also thinking about visiting a brothel after 90 days. My primary motivation is to ease my terrible fear of PIED. I want to practice. I want to know if my d*** actually still works before trying on real women after several years of no sex and one bad experience with PIED.

    In contrast to dating women, prostitutes won't judge you for ED problems, they only want your money. Which is extremely impersonal of course (it's merely a
    commercial service after all), but maybe the best way to "practice" real sex.

    My only concern is that it could become another addiction and this time a very expensive one. I'm still undecided.

    But what I will certainly do before trying brothels: visit a massage parlour that specializes in tantra massage. It doesn't involve sex and I read that it can help with all kinds of sexual fear (and thus also with PIED). Maybe that'd be a good idea for you as well?
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