What helps you get the most out of NoFap?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by TheYoungPhilosopher, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. TheYoungPhilosopher

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    Hey guys, I was wondering what are the activities and practices that we know enables people to enhance and make the best possible use of their NoFap energy.

    I've heard a lot about cold showers, weightlifting etc. I'd love to hear from people who have had some success with NoFap about what they are doing to make themselves better and more powerful.

    Feel free to post your experiences/results in this thread
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  2. PanteriMauzer

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    Gym and fighting , makes me feel like a man and it prevents me for bejng horny
  3. bloudermilk24

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    gym yeah, relateable
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  4. Asgardian36

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    In my personal experience, working out at Gym (doing weights) has been the most helpful way to utilize the Energy!
  5. luckydog

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    Okay, an old-timer here in terms of porn and masturbation (over 40 years, I thought I could never be free from this what I thought before was a secret habit, now I realize it for what it was an addiction) and perhaps can be considered a high-functioning addict (although I shudder to think 'what could have been' should I had given up PMO in my younger years).

    I used to read a lot, and am now getting back into the reading habit. In less than three weeks being porn-free I have read three books on porn addiction, the current one is 'Quit Porn and Get Rich: the unspoken rule of successful people'. It's not that well written, but it does have a lot of useful insights.

    The 'work out, take cold showers' is one way to cope with feelings and that's great. But the energy used for self-improvement, for accomplishment, is something called sex transmutation, and was written about way back in 1939. I read Think and Grow Rich when I was in college and thought chapter 11 had an excellent point, but that I could not help myself to porn (back then it was magazines). This book is now in the public domain and you can read chapter 11 online here, however I'd recommend you just get the book and read it in its context.

    I'm not even one month let alone three months into my journey of recovery, however I'm putting the energy to good use and it makes a difference in all of my relationships. My spouse, children, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, the list goes on.

    As Craig Perra so accurately says, to break a habit you must make a new one, I'm talking with my wife regularly about how I am doing with porn and masturbation; I'm emailing my accountability partner at least twice a day with how I am doing and what I am learning; I'm attending my first SAA meeting this weekend; I'm thinking how I can help others In Real Life in addition to whatever resources I can point people to that have helped me. I had my first psychiatrist visit this week, and he doesn't want / need to see me anymore - he referred me to a therapist in case I wanted to continue. His words still resound in my ears: "You are involving community, which is the key to addiction recovery."

    I still have many years to live a porn and masturbation free life, and am so excited about the potential. I've seen massive change in only three weeks, and this is only beginning. And the change is in how I relate to others, and how I relate to others is going to be the key (in terms of openness about my prior pornography addiction) in the future.

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