What if dating TRIGGERS us?!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by tom1990, Jun 7, 2020.

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    Hi guys

    I had a date on Tuesday, first in 9 months - and my porn addiction now is stronger than for my previous date (despite no sissy content for a month as I try to give it up).

    The date went ok but was unexpectedly followed by days of horrible symptoms like dizziness, acute anxiety, and strong porn cravings/withdrawals. As though my screwed up brain associated the “excitement” of a date with a girl with porn sensations. And that was just a first date, I didn’t kiss her. God knows what the hell would happen once it came to intimacy????

    Can anyone else relate to similar problems from dating? How the hell are we meant to re-engage with real women?
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  2. How many days are you free from porn? I think that the problem is that you are still really addicted and you need more rebooting of your brain = more days of no PMO.
  3. tom1990

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    No question I’m still very addicted. I’m a month off the sissy stuff which is what was really bad for me. What are you saying, I’ve gotta complete a full “reboot” before dating again?
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    If you feel that you are still that addicted, yes.. it would be better for you to wait after at least 2 more months to try dating again. it seems that dating is a trigger for you, just try to avoid it.
  5. BRO, I can relate to this %100.
    I understand exactly how you feel, is the same for me: like just going to a date is full blown associated with sex to me. Is like: date=sex. And i get triggered, of course!

    bro, i swear THAT is the question. Idk
    There must be someone out there with some knowledge about this

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