What if i had a vasectomy?

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  1. Slick Willie

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    I didnt but i have been told to by my wife many times over the yrs to get one. I always refused.
    But had i, would i still get any physical benefits from abstaining ?
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  2. Butterlfly

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    That's a question i always ask myself.
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  3. Yea, you would still get the same benefits from abstaining.

    Because you would not be physically able to lose sperm anymore ejaculating would drain you less. But it would still drain you, because not all the benefits of semen retention comes from retaining semen. It's big part of it, but a lot of benefits come from staying away from orgasm. Because during orgasm you still release hormones, even if you do not release sperm. Also you would still lose electricity stored in nerves of your body. Which is also a big part of where benefits of retention come from.

    If my wife would tell me to get vasectomy I would tell her to fuck off and get tubal ligation herself. I ain't cutting my manhood up. But hey, just saying... your balls your choice.
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  4. Amphibian

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    This is the main part. I'm not really sold on the benefits of semen retention's transformative effects being a result of the semen itself but rather the effects of our brains awakening and re-wiring itself from the dopamine bath it gets from jacking off and looking at porn or even having sex.

    You could get a vasectomy, retaining your sperm, but if you're still jacking off or having orgasms then you lose that mental edge nonetheless.
  5. I've also read on here that people orgasm without ejaculating so as to transmute. To be honest none of it makes a ton of sense.
  6. We can learn to orgasm without ejaculating (so there is no need for vasectomy if the reason is semen retention, but of course it's not safe way how to prevent pregnancy cos some drop might still get out). So that minimizes negative effects somewhat. Even tho non-ejaculatory orgasm are quite hard to learn.

    Also we can learn through meditation, breathing and visualization to direct our nerve energy (or as some tantric practices call it "Chi", "Kundalini" or "Prana") up the spine and maintain it, or at least most of it. While otherwise this electricity stored in our bodies would be discharged through orgasm.

    If we train our bodies to stop ejaculating then we can prevent/minimize release of some hormones such as prolactin. Prolactin represses dopomine. So while desynthesizing your dopomine receptors through too much orgasms is bad, doing so through ejaculatory orgasm is even worse. Because not only you would be making your body less sensitive to dopomine through damaging receptors but on top of it releasing another hormone which will inhibit dopomine even more, on top of you already being desynthesized.

    Another reason why ejaculation is worse than just orgasm alone without ejaculation is because it reduces androgen receptors, while orgasm alone without ejaculation does not seem to do that, or at least not to the same extent.

    So there is way more to this whole thing than just dopamine alone.
  7. Slick Willie

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    You made me laugh 0100.....
    My response was pretty much what you would tell your wife.
    Shes had a historectormy quite a few yrs ago so im off the hook now.
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  8. felzgood4me2

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    My wife had a medical procedure that damaged the uterus, she can not have a normal pregnancy, and I had the option to wear condoms or have a vasectomy to avoid accidental pregnancy that could jeopardize her life. The doctor would not perform a hysterectomy on her due to her age, so I made my choice and accept it. Sometimes we have to do what we feel is right in a relationship. But I was curious as well regarding sperm now being retained without choice, and the physical effects it has on the body.
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