What if you dont feel benefits? Here's why

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  1. If you don't feel the nofap benefits, it means you are feeling so bad about yourself that you're imagining yourself messing up tasks in make- believe situations you play in your head. How about imaging yourself faring in these situations? How about imagining yourself receiving compliments for a lot of great things you want to someday be recognized for?

    You have the potential to start doing the task you always postponed when you fapped.

    Here's what I do to study hard and smart: i take a shower then wear jeans, shirt, and a dress jacket. Then, I bring a cup of a hot beverage i like and drink it (like a royalty) as I study.
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  2. Infrasapiens

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    I do not feel benefits because I was never an addict. I am on NoFap because I have no where else to go.
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    LOL. Thanks for the humor.
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    Sounds like a bit of depression and loneliness to me, which is very common. I get it.
    Keep trying, learning, and doing healthier things.
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  6. U dont feel benefits because u was not as destroyed as we were. Now kma
  7. KMA? What's that
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    I think the benefits happen gradually for many people, especially if you also deal with things like anxiety or depression,the initial benefits maybe snowed under by the feelings of anxiety so it may seem that nothing is changed,it think.
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  9. For me the benefits started early on.. but my opinion is that the "benefits" are just getting back to normal.

    If you are a heavy smoker... u get benefits by ending. U feel u can run better. But those are not some supernatural benefits. Its just getting back to normal.
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  10. Also, if u fap heavy, u really look bad, drained plus your test levels are low and thus u basically look like sh!t. You are shy. Avoid eye contact.

    So naturaly when u stop, give it 2 or 4 weeks, and u feel energetic, you start to look around and u notice world around you and the world around you notices u back. So u see there are woman. And they look at you. Because you no longer look like walking mysery and black hole. Maybr they noticed u even before, but you was busy avoiding the contact and searched the patterns at the floor...
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