what if you dont want your fetish to go away

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. i have a femdom/strapon fetish and i dont want it to away. will it go away if i do nofap for a log time.
  2. henry3526

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    It depends on when you developed the fetish; if it came from watching porn then it’ll fade away as you leave porn behind, if it’s always been there then it’ll never go away.

    For me I’ve always had a fetish for using handcuffs and other restraints during sex (both me using them on my wife and also her using them on me). I know that’ll never go away as I had it since long before I started using porn. I also hope that it instead of wishing it away that I’ll get the courage to act on it and see if I actually enjoy it or not, because knowing it’s. It fun is the only way to move on I think. On the other hand it could be amazing.
  3. I agree with what Henry said, usually the ones that you had before porn stick. The others start to fade and at that point you don't worry about them anymore.
  4. HugoBoss

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    Don't worry, they won't go away so fast lol
  5. daniel193

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    Is it something you've tried in real life before, or have you only fantasised about it using porn?
  6. skaterdrew

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    That's your addicted brain talking.

    It's more important to not search or look at femdom. Also try to stop masturbating. But if you ever do masturbate then don't think about femdom, and only think about realistic fantasy.

    Just think when your brain goes back to normal the thought of having sex with a real woman will turn you on just as much as that femdom fetish does the now.

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