What if you heard a man's voice when the woman opens her mouth?

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    This topic is about Stimuli crossover. It's supposed to be a simple example to show jerking off leads to HOCD/transexual urges

    I've been talking about jerking off being abnormal and contributing to HOCD/transgender/shemale urges because you get conflicting and opposing information from your sensory inputs - you get heterosexual visual and audio inputs (you see and hear a woman in case of solo porn, in "straight" porn it's worse cause you get a man too) but at the same time you get sensory stimuli of a man (you touch and stroke a natural, warm, erect penis). So you "see and hear" a woman but you "feel" a man. Your representation of the woman's body parts is simply "penis".

    I noticed this is not so straight forward so i simplified my example.

    Consider only 2 types of stimuli - visual and audio. There will be no touching or jerking off.

    Now imagine that you are watching a video of a solo woman looking into the camera, stripping or even mimicking intercourse. This would be a scenario that covers most of the situations.

    Now imagine that whenever she opens her mouth to speak or moan or whatever, you hear a deep male voice in it's place. Whatever she would say or do, it will be done in a male voice or grunt. You will not her a woman voice at all, just a man's voice.

    Do you notice how weird that is? Could you say that the sum of those two stimuli is a heterosexual one? No, because it is bisexual.

    It should be as weird to jerk off because you are dealing with the same completely opposite stimuli. On one hand (see what i did there) you have the "woman" or heterosexual stimuli (audio/visual), on the other you have the "man" or homosexual stimuli in the form of your penis.

    That is why i keep saying that jerking off is the root cause of HOCD, transexual porn and so many other problematic sexual behaviors.
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    I started jerking off young and progressed to tranny porn and then actually fucking trans escorts. The thought of touching the penis was offputting but once I got it out of the way it felt so natural.
    Jerking the tranny led to sucking the tranny, led to having the tranny cum in my mouth and eventually fucking my ass bare and ejaculating inside me.
    I'm too far gone now to go back but you are absolutely right. If I didn't touch my own dick in middle school I would never be where I am now.......
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    You are never too far gone. You have it in your genes to be attracted to women only, you can always go back to normal. I recommend buying a high quality silicone sleeve and humping it uncased while watching women only. You can train yourself out like you trained yourself (unknowingly) in.
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    You are recommending masturbating to porn for God's sake! :eek: That is not a good recommendation on this site.

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