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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by quantumd, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. What if all the porn sites/servers are brought down and there is no more Internet porn ? Will we overcome all the relapses ?
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    But some people already have. Mp4 porn stored on their computers. although they cant watch online they have secret stash to get off to. but it's good if there are no porn on internet anymore. The world will be 1000% better
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  3. Psalm27:1my light

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    There would be illegal porn, just like there is now. Just like during prohibition alcohol was made/sold illegally. Besides, you don’t need porn, you have your imagination you’re just lust after women you meet in real life and build scenarios in your head about that.
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  4. Agreed .

    what was the medium used before Internet/CD/DVD Porn ? Was there a VHS ?

    My point is , So the people born in early 20th century and before had healthy lives (basically no media and nothing to MO for). So the PMO addiction is artificially induced by media slowly entering our lives in various forms and effectively ruining it.
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    But before the internet porn was something people did in secret—teenage boys, dirty old men, ... It was shameful. Now the porn industry has done a frightening job of making themselves part of everyday culture so that young men are expected to use porn (and needn't be bashful about it) and young women's grooming habbits and expectations of sex are drawn directly from an industry that seeks to profit from their abuse.

    I think I'm veering off-topic. Sorry. This just gets to me.
  6. that
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    And make women feel wrong for not accepting, allowing, or compromising about the infidelity because there was no” physical touching” of the women viewed. Selling the lie to men and women that this kind of infidelity is normal, natural, and expected.
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  8. I get it.I am pissed off too. I know that changes are bound to happen over certain period of time. But with the advent of high speed internet, porn /social media have created a hyper-sexualized culture and the sad part is, there is no stopping it. Its a billion dollar empire so yeah they will have a massive influence.
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  9. If the present day warrants this situation, ever worried about how it would affect the kids and grandkids to grow in this backdrop.
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    God, thinking about these things is so daunting. How do you raise a son to not be addicted to porn? If you don't tell him about it, someone at school will... and even if you do, who's to say that he will obey and not look at it? Because I know that my mom did not approve and I did it anyway.

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