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    try some form of confession even if its just writing it out to yourself.
    The guilty actually keeps you locked into the behavior.. like the old analogy of the sunlight killing mold, opening up about is the beginning of healing it.
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    Well, my situation is with escorts, I haven't ever been to a parlour. I always went to escorts, some would advertise as doing massages, and I have had the massage with the ending at a female's house,.just not at a parlour.
    If we can band together, keep us all in check etc. I think it would help us beat this crap. I'm like on day 4 or so now no pmo. I don't see escorts often but it's been probably couple months or so now but I have still attempted thru those trash sites online. Anyhow I'm still working on myself trying to do better. I will do better. This is it! Find some outside knowledge to quit, it has helped me. Like nofap people on youtube.

    The difference with me and you guys is I am not married, never been or had a girlfriend. Perhaps your addiction is making your marriage no fun? Idk what would happen if you told her. I'm sure she would be upset. Maybe you need to change your work profession to be with her more. Maybe Idk if your sexually active not my business but I mean me just thinking, if you became more active, be more around her, let her take your urges away? Idk, that could be masking the problem, I mean maybe you tell her, she can understand and help you thru it. Idk if she would tend to you or if that is even helpful. I think it could help. Just me thinking. Marriage is about the 2 together making it thru hard times.

    Like if you found out she was doing something idk cheating. She felt bad, how would you handle it?

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